Tacklife P50 Review – Is This Power Station Worth Buying?

You must be wondering why we are writing this Tacklife P50 review, right?

Tacklife P50 500WH Power Station
Tacklife P50 500WH Power Station

Well, Portable power stations have made our lives a lot easier. With an emergency battery on standby, you can charge your electric devices whenever you want. Running virtual electric machines has also never been this easier.

However, the market is filled with portable power stations that claim to be the best. And not all of these portable power stations are good-quality.f

It is why we have brought another tremendous best portable power station for you. In this Tacklife P50 review, you will find out if this portable power is worth your money or not.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

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Tacklife P50 Review

Tacklife P50 portable power station has a Lithium-ion battery with a 500Wh capacity. It weighs only 13.6 lbs and is a traveler’s friend. The portable power station also features many output ports, such as 2 AC outputs: 110V & 300W (450W surge.) 2 DC ports: 12V 10A & 12V 3A, and 2 x USB 5V, (3.0A each). Lastly, the Tacklife P50 portable power station’s current price is $499.99.

Tacklife P50 output ports
Tacklife P50 output ports

Now that you know the basic features of the Tacklife P50 500Wh, it is time to review the features that make this product different from its competitors.


Tacklife P50 Maximum Depth of Discharge(DOD) Review

The maximum depth of discharge in a battery represents the amount of battery you can discharge without affecting its overall performance. In other words, the total amount of battery capacity that you can use. Most of the portable power stations in the market offer around 80% maximum depth of discharge. However, the Tacklife P50 has a 90% DOD (maximum depth discharge rate).

As you know by the name, the Tacklife P50 has a 500wh capacity. If we use the maximum depth of discharge formula, the following is the available capacity of Tacklife P50 500W.

Watt-hour x DOD percentage = Available wattage

500 Wh x 90% DOD = 450 watt hours


Tacklife P50 MPPT Review

One of the main issues that many portable power station users face is slow charging. No matter how amazing a power station is, if it charges slowly, then it is not considered convenient.

Tacklife knew this fact, and this is why the Tacklife P50 portable power station features a pre-installed MPPT (maximum power point tracker). The sole purpose of the MPPT is that increase the solar panel charging speed of a portable power station.

Due to the pre-installed MPPT, the Tacklife P50 charges 40% faster than portable power stations which lack MPPT. On average, this unit can be set within 8 hours using an AC wall outlet. And a 100W solar panel can charge the Tacklife P50 portable power station in 12 hours.


Tacklife P50 Wireless Charging Review

Don’t you ever hate it when you are out camping and cannot charge your phone because you forget the charger at home? Well, that will never be a problem with Tacklife.

This portable power station has a 10W wireless charging pad on top of the unit. So, if your phone is Qi-compatible, just place it on the charging pad and watch it quickly reach 100% battery.

But what if you brought your charger but want fast charging? Tacklife P50 offers that as well. This portable power station has a 60W USB-C PD port. With the help of this port, you can charge your phone faster than ever before.


Tacklife P50 LCD Display Review

Some portable power stations make checking the device’s battery life difficult, but that is not what Tacklife P50 does. This portable powers station has a bright LCD. This display showcases the battery life of the portable power station so that you know when to plug the device to charge.

Tacklife P50 LCD Display
Tacklife P50 LCD Display


Tacklife P50 Testing – CPAP

A large number of people get portable power stations for CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) therapy. This machine needs constant electricity to treat your sleep apnea. To check if the Tacklife P50 is suitable for running a CPAP machine, we run a test.

We started the test by connecting the CPAP machine to the Tacklife P50 through the AC outlet. The charging of the Tacklife P50 battery was 40% when we started the test, and it ran the CPAP machine for 14 hours. After that, the battery died.

We did the same test again, but this time with a 100% battery. And surprisingly, the storm gave around 40 hours of runtime.

In conclusion, if you use your CPAP machine for 7 hours every night, then the Tacklife P50 can run your machine for 5-6 nights on one charge.

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With that, we are at the end of our Tacklife P50 review. This portable power station has it all. It is lightweight and travel-friendly, has a 500wh battery capacity, and is affordable. The portable power station also features an MPPT which offers fast charging. But, in our personal opinion, 12 hours of solar charging is still slow.

However, the Tacklife P50 portable power station can run a CPAP machine for around 5-6 nights, 7 hours per night. This runtime is impressive and noteworthy. On top of that, the device is also capable of wireless phone charging and more.

All in all, the Tacklife P50 is a great portable power station that you should look into.

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