Power Station Suaoki S270 Review: everything you need to know

Power Station Suaoki S270 Review

Camping generators like those from Suaoki are essential for individuals who perform outdoor activities. Suaoki is a notable company in the solar generator industry with a record of good products. This Suaoki S270 review will give you all the necessary details about the Suaoki brand and the different features of the generator.

You’ll discover from this review that some specifications could matter more than others. However, fundamental aspects to always review in generators are their battery capacity, output, outlets, charging speed, and more. Let’s go into more detail.

Significant Suaoki Generators

As a brand, Suaoki has produced a good number of devices for a better outdoor experience. Besides, most of their products are very durable and they can be trusted for the quality they provide.

In this Suaoki S270 review, two of the significant generators include the Suaoki S270 and the Suaoki S370. Interestingly, those two products have great technical specifications, but they differ slightly in functionality.

Here’s a quick overview of the two Suaoki products:

Suaoki S270 Overview

Suaoki S270
Suaoki S270

The S270 has impressive technical specifications and product features. However, one of the major advantages of this generator is that it makes use of four different USB ports and DC ports, which allows for a better user experience.

Additionally, this Suaoki S270 review will show that it comes in a very compact form, making it easy to carry or transport from different locations to other regions. In terms of design, build, and output power, the S270 does a perfect job.

Suaoki S370 Overview

Suaoki S370
Suaoki S370

The S370 comes with several incredible features. It has a battery capacity of 322Wh and weighs 7 pounds. The dimensions of the generator are noticeably small, which makes it highly portable and very useful for outdoor activities.

Users of the S370 can charge via solar panels, 120 AC plug, and a car outlet. In most of these charge methods, it takes between five to seven hours for a full charge. You can enjoy two emergency lights when outdoors, making the power station a suitable device.

Suaoki S270 Review

The overall build quality and structure of the Suaoki S270 make it unique for power generation, as you’ll see in this Suaoki S270 review. It’s effective in charging smartphones and other basic devices like Tablets. Impressively, the power station is very portable, making it easier to use in various applications.

Here are the technical specifications of this product:

  • Battery Capacity: 150Wh (3.7V 40,500mAh/11.1V 13500mAh)
  • Battery Life Cycle: 500+
  • AC Adapter: 15V/2A
  • Car Charger: 12V
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Solar Panel: 13V – 22V (min 30W)
  • Dimensions: 7.26 x 4.31 x 4.67 inches
  • Weight: 4.41lbs


Features of the Suaoki S270

Suaoki comes with a series of impressive features that make up for user experience outdoors as you’ll see in this Suaoki S270 review. It’s important to consider these features in this Suaoki S270 generator before making a purchase.

Here’s what you should know:

Power Station Suaoki S270 Review

Relatively High Battery Capacity

You can enjoy a relatively high battery capacity with the Suaoki S270, as you’ll see in this Suaoki S270 review. The device comes with cells rated 150Wh, which is slightly lower than the S370. However, this ample battery power is suitable for operating several devices for a reasonable number of hours.

Due to the high capacity, which is 40,500mAh, your device can supply power to smartphones, cameras, drones, and other significant-tech devices.

Several cables and connectors Included

The Suaoki comes with several cables and connectors for an easier and faster-charging experience. With these cables, you can charge different devices at the same time.

Multi charging ports on Suaoki S270

There are four significant USB ports in the power station in which three of them are rated 5V 2.1A with average charge speeds. One of the four USB ports is a Quick Charge 3.0 USB (18W) and you can use it for a fast-charging experience.

In this Suaoki S270 review, you’ll discover that there are four DC ports, each sharing a 9 – 12V/10A/15A output and a 120W power output with a 180W surge.

The available DC ports can be used by connecting a 5.5mm DC cable directly into the port on the power station or use a 12V socket attachment that comes with the product.


Major Charge times of Devices with the Suaoki S270

The number of hours it takes for a certain device like your camera, smartphone, or drone to charge matters when choosing a generator for use outdoors. This Suaoki S270 review will show the different charge times of fundamental equipment and everyday devices.

Charge times of Devices with the Suaoki S270

Here are some of the charge times you should note:

  • MacBook Pro 13 (64W): 1.2 hours
  • iPhone X (10W): 10 times
  • Mini Cooler: 2.5+ hours
  • GoPro 6.0 (5.6W): 18+ times
  • DJI Spark: 4.5 times
  • 12V LED (30W): 3.5+ hours
  • Lantern Light (5W): 20+ hours

What I like about the Suaoki S270

There are several amazing features of this solar generator that I love. However, one of the most fascinating features of the power station is the number of ports available and the ease it creates when charging devices.

Impressively, the Suaoki S270 review also reveals that the solar generator charges various equipment fast when plugged in. The massive battery capacity is incredible for a power station to run various devices simultaneously.

Suaoki S270 for tripv
Suaoki S270 for trip

One of the significant aspects of the power station that I also like is the Quick Charge 3.0 included. This feature allows for fast charging and a very good user experience. Also, in terms of compactness, the power station is extremely easy to carry and fits into backpacks easily.

Overall, I like the power features of the generator, its build, and design. The fact that users can charge in four different methods is also mind-blowing. Available ways to charge the Suaoki S270 include the use of car chargers, AC wall outlet, and solar panels, which takes only 7 – 8 hours, except through the car. With a car, it takes only 11 hours.



Undoubtedly, this Suaoki S270 review has enlightened you on the different technical specifications and features of the power station. Even though the functionality of the S270 is a little lower than the S370, the S270 functions appropriately.

If you’re using a solar panel, you should appropriately place the panels in strategic positions that come in contact with the sun. Enjoy the Suaoki S270 when there’s an issue with the power supply. You can use them as a backup power source both indoors and outdoors.

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