Solar Power System for RV: 100% EL Testing and Lightweight and Portable

Solar Power System for RV

Solar Power System for RV is cheaper than having a home and are the best choice for people who love traveling or adventure. Solar Power System has become a very reliable source of energy in this decade. Many factories, malls, houses, and vehicles have switched to renewable sources of energy. Solar power systems not only helping in reducing the burning of oil but also making the world more secure by avoiding global warming.

Solar Power System
Solar Power System

The Solar System introduced for RV is playing very beneficial for the users of RV. They provide the energy required for the small living space in recreational vehicles. All the lights, lamps, and other forms of appliances require electricity. This article is a complete review of the solar panel systems for RVs.

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About Off Grid RV Solar System

There are five components of the Off-Grid RV Solar System. The first component is RV solar panels. The second one is the charge controller. Third one is your battery bank. Fourth one is the inverter. Fifth and last one is the battery monitor.

Solar panel grabs the energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. Charge control then helps it maintaining the right amount of charge. The right amount of charge is then sent to the battery bank for storage. An inverter converts electricity from DC to AC. The battery monitor shows the stats about the battery.

These are the main five components of an Off-Grid RV Solar System. Managing and keeping the components the right way matters so much. At the time of installation, one must know the right number of batteries to be attached based on the usage of electric appliances In the RV. The batteries must be stored rightly and not so close.

The RV Solar System Wires Order:

The wire’s order is important. Spark or fire can occur if the wirings are not done correctly. The wiring must be done by a professional electrician or under the supervision of an electrician. Double-check all the wiring which are done. Following is the right order to do the wire connection.

The RV Solar System Wires Order

  1. First, connect the two 12V batteries through a series connection method, and then connect to the battery terminal of the Charge Controller.
  2. Connect four 18V solar panels in two strings and two parallel, and then connect them to the solar terminals of the Charge Controller.
  3. Finally, connect the Inverter to the Inverter line of the Charge Controller.

RV Solar System Working Principle:

The working of the solar systems in RVs is a really interesting procedure.

The sun hits on the surface of the solar panel placed on the top of the RV. The solar panel absorbs the sunlight. Thus the light energy is converted into electric energy. With the help of an inverter, light energy is converted into electric energy. Which is then stored in the battery.

The direct output voltage of solar energy is generally 12V, 24V, and 48V. Thus, to provide 110v electric energy for electric appliances in RV. The DC current is converted into AC current. If the consumption is much and more electricity is needed, then on some occasions multiple voltage load is required. For this, a DC-DC inverter is also used. Such as converting 24V electrical energy into 5V electrical energy. The converted electric energy can be used directly or stored in a battery for emergency needs.

Best RV Solar Kits You Need to Know

Portable Solar Panels for RV

A large range of solar panel types can be found in the market. Some are cheap and some are expensive based on the technology or the material they are created with.

Portable Solar Panels for RV
Portable Solar Panels for RV

Some solar panels are made of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, Morpheus, and photovoltaic flexible. By proper and through experimentation, the actual effects of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar panels are similar. However, the cost of polycrystalline silicon solar panels is relatively high.

By doing comprehensive research and consideration, it is found that monocrystalline silicon solar panels have the highest cost performance.

Solar panels come from various manufacturers. Some are equipped with metal frames at edges and some are adjusted at the top of RVs and then the edges are covered. However, the professional recommends that one must choose the solar panel which has a metal frame. This makes the panel strong and durable in extreme weather.

Solar power calculation formula

For example,

Solar panel with the power of 400W, along with the case of standard light intensity and the shortage of battery power.

Theoretically, an hour shortage capacity is calculated by using this formula or calculation:

440W ÷ 18V x 12V x 1H = 0.267KWh

In the case when average light is 6 hours a day, then the calculation will be:

0.267KWh x 6 = 1.602 KWh

Charge Controller for Solar Power System

Maximum power point tracker MPPT is the solar controller being widely used nowadays. MPPT is an upgraded and more advanced product than the traditional solar charge. It is the improved form of solar charge controllers.

Charge Controller
Charge Controller

It comes with higher efficiency generally above 95%. The output of the small charge controller that can be used in the car is automatically recognized and only by using the batteries of 12V, 24V, or 48V. When the battery voltages are 220V, 110C, 96V, or any other volts then you need to select a corresponding charge controller.


The voltage of the solar panel cannot be greater than the rated input voltage of the MPPT solar controller.

Lifepo4 of Battery

At the time of selection of battery, a user must select it according to their need. A small battery for less usage and a large battery for high usage. The capacity of a battery is selected according to personal needs.

Lifepo4 of Battery
Lifepo4 of Battery

It is recommended to install 400W solar panels on the top of your RV to match the 200AH battery. Under the premise of sufficient light, the best state can charge the battery 60%-65%.

Lifepo4 is one type battery of power station, In this article we take an in-depth look at lifepo4 portable power station, bring you to have a thorough understanding of the product.

 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The pure wave sine inverters are the most expensive ones in the market. They have continuous waves that periodic oscillations smoothly and steadily. These inverters are on the top because of their functionalities. Pure sine wave inverters have the ability to run all the equipment created or designed to work on pure sine waves.

 Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Sine wave inverter technology is very beneficial as it uses technology to protect even sensitive electrical appliances at home. These inverters are widely used for Televisions, fridges, laptops, digital microwaves, and other home electrical equipment.



How much solar power do I need for my RV?

Most people prefer at least having two solar panels on the roof of their RV. The RV needs at least 120 Watts to run basic electrical appliances. It is important to know a single solar panel is not enough for the RV.


This power is enough for very basic use. It will be enough if you want to use a table lamp, a radio, and a torch. Going for a 100W is a very reasonable choice if you don’t want to spend much money on solar panels and your requirements are very basic.


For this one must install two solar panels on the RVs Roof. This will provide power for a table lamp, a radio, a torch, and a table fan. 150W of energy is enough for basic requirements.


As the number of Watts increasing, the number of solar panels is also increasing. 200W is enough for normal use. This covers the power for a table lamp, a radio, a torch, a table fan, smartphone charging, laptop charging, and a small screen. 200W of energy is enough for the normal or moderate requirements.


An estimated thirteen small-sized solar panels are able to provide 300W energy for the RV. It is the right amount of energy to run electric appliances for a couple of hours. It can run a table lamp, radio, torch, table fan, mobile devices, laptop, screen, toaster, gaming console, DVD players, and many more devices.


400W is a pretty strong power supply. A small house can run by using 400W power. For RVs, this power is more than enough. Plus this power allows the dishwasher and vacuum cleaner to run in the RV. However, having 400W by using a solar power system is an expensive method.


15 to 30 solar panels are required to obtain 450W of energy. The number of solar panels truly depends on the quality and size of the solar panels placed on the top of the RV. It covers the whole roof of the RV with solar panels. It can run all the electric appliances for several hours. A large number of batteries are also required to store the energy obtained from solar panels.

C7 RV can be taken as an example

C7 RV is calculated according to the body length of 6 meters and the width of 2 meters. The overall area of the C7 RV roof is about 6 × 2 = 12 square meters.

It does not include the overhead forehead area, air conditioner outdoor unit, and overhead sunroof.

In addition, there is an extra space of 5 square meters left after the space occupied by the satellite antenna. That 5 square meter space is still available for installing additional solar panels. This totally depends on the electricity requirement of the user.

If we talk about the optional solar battery on the roof of the C7 RV factory can be installed with 6 battery panels without being blocked by other equipment. It provides the flexibility of installing extra panels and saving much space on the roof.

The power is within the range of 300W-400W. It can ensure the normal operation of the lighting equipment and other small household appliances in the car.

Solar Power System for RV

Review 1: RV Solar Panel Kit With Inverter and Battery

This section is covering a detailed review of the RV Solar Panel. It will be covering the review for the solar panel kit, its inverter, and the battery. A detailed review will be provided covering everything you need to know about solar panels for RV before buying for yourself. Moreover, you will be guided from where you can check additional features and comparison with different power solar panels and buy.

RV Solar Panel Kit With Inverter and Battery
RV Solar Panel Kit With Inverter and Battery

In this article, we are covering the review of an Eco-worthy off-grid solar power system kit with a battery and inverter. It comes with 2 pieces of 100W 12V solar panels, a 30A charge controller, two pieces of 20Ah Lithium Batter, and a 600W Solar Inverter.

Just with 4 hours of sunlight availability, it produces 800Wh daily output. It makes it very suitable for the use of an RV. This energy is enough to run normal electric appliances in your RV. This solar panel comes with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. It improves durability and makes the solar panels stronger. Aluminum frames make it strong.

It provides a capacity of 480WH at two batteries fully charged. The rechargeable cycles are 3000 times and can serve a life of more than ten years. Moreover, you can easily extend the capacity by attaching more batteries parallel. This solar panel for RVs comes with a 600W pure sine wave off-grid solar inverter. It transforms DC into AC, which extends the use of electric appliances. The inverter has an LCD display and the user has the adjustable option for lithium and lead-acid battery.

The RV Solar Panel Kit Features

Enough Power

The power starting from 100W and reaching up to 450W provides enough power based on the usage. The users which need electricity enough to run their basic electric appliances can start with a 100W solar panel. Users who need more power to have a proper house lifestyle in their RVs can install 400W solar panels.

Charge Tools

Solar panels come with an amazing charging tool. The charge tools make the electric charge stable for 120V electric home appliances. Charge control is responsible for delivering the right amount of charge to the electric devices. If charge tools are not attached, they can damage the devices.

LED Display & Computer Monitoring

The display shows the right stats including the voltages level reaching to the electric appliances. It also shows if something is wrong by indicating through lights and the beeping sound. It helps the user to keep an eye on the installed solar system and saves it from causing any damage.

Easy To Install

The solar panels come with all the instructions and guidance. It makes it very easy for a user to install on his own. A user just has to follow the instructions on the manual and be patient about the process. In case of any problem or error at the time of installation, you can contact the 24/7 available technical support team.

Durable Solar Panel

The solar panels are designed & manufactured in a way that increases their durability. It is durable for long-term usage. The technology used in solar panels makes them durable for more than 10 years.

Corrosion-resistant Aluminum Frames

It makes it strong and reliable for long-term usage. Due to this, solar panels can survive extreme hot and cold weather at the top of RVs. providing corrosion-resistant aluminum frames enhances the lifetime of solar panels.

Where to Buy

You can buy this product on Amazon by clicking here. The Eco-Worthy off-grid solar power system with inverter, charge controller and battery comes in different price tags. The solar panel of the 100W price starts from $386 while the price of the 200W solar panel is $520. If your usage is more and you need a 400W solar panel on the top of your RV, then the price for this is $1,339. It comes with one year warranty and has a 24/7 technical support team.

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Review 2: Solar Power for RV Air Conditioner

Now, let’s do a review of the DOKIO 220W Lightweight Solar Panel Kit. It is monocrystalline comes with a controller USB. The battery it has is 12V output to charge. DOKIO is a portable and lightweight solar panel. This is the main reason people prefer buying this.

Solar Power for RV Air Conditioner

Solar Power for RV Air Conditioner Features

Lightweight & Portable

The size of this portable lightweight solar panel is only 2.4 cm thick and the weight is only 4.1 kg. This makes it very easy to take it anywhere a user wants to. The advantage it has, it can provide charge as long there’s a sun to provide light. Due to its lightweight, you can carry it in your hands easily for hours of hiking.

Easy To Store

DOKIO is a lightweight and small size solar panel. Easily folded and stored in any place. This solar panel comes in a well-protected thick fiber cover. The solar panel is ideal for use for cars, boats (best boat generator), snowmobiles, camping, hiking. The solar panel can be placed easily under the bed or inside the closet.

Powerful Battery Bank

DOKIO Solar Panel kit has high conversion efficiency with high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells. The solar panels are small and look normal. They provide great power efficiency. It maximizes system output by reducing mismatch loss; 100% EL testing on all DOKIO solar modules, no hot spots.


The durable nylon material and water-resistant feature are good for light rain. This feature is also applicable for light snow. DOKIO solar panel water resistance makes it safe for use in light rain. This feature makes this solar panel usable for outdoor activities.

High Efficiency

It is made of six layers including ETFE, EVA, Monocrystalline, EVA, Insulating Resin, and Polyester Canvas. 220W of the solar panel is made of good quality material. This solar panel provides endless charging for laptops or other devices under the sunlight.

Easy To Use

Not anything needs to charge the battery. The solar panel directly transfers the charge to the devices through USB output. Mobile and table fans are easily runnable by using this solar panel. It has features that protect it from overcharging, short-circuit, and overload. The battery stays healthy.

These features are impressive. They provide good competition to other solar panels manufacturers. The portability and easiness of carrying your solar panel with you attract most of its customers. This can be purchased on Amazon.

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  • Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Snowproof
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Carry
  • 220W power
  • Lightweight
  • 2 USB output


  • Sensitive
  • Not workable in heavy rain or snow
  • Doesn’t have alloy frames like other fixed solar panels
  • Not reliable for long term usage


Hooking up Solar Panels with RV Batteries

Here I am guiding you on how to hook 25- Watt Solar Kit Installation.  You having a solar panel and a cable. Normally the cable is three feet. You can purchase the table according to your desired length.

The first step is attaching the charge controller to the battery and to the solar panel. Screw the wires in the charge controller to make sure they are fitted properly. The charge controller has a green light and it turns on during the connection is made properly. We do the same process with the other wire (black) and attach it to the negative terminal. Red Wires are for the positive terminal and black wires are for the negative terminal.

The next step is to test the solar kit. Connect the wires to the charge controller as we have done before (Black as Negative & Red as Positive). The solar panel kit is ready and ready to provide power.

In case of any confusion, you can play this YouTube Video.



Go ahead check the amazon link you have found in this review. Do your research before actually buying a solar panel system for RV.

Off-Grid Solar Panels with Charge Control and Inverter are the whole kits for your RVs. It all depends on how much space you have on the roof of your RV and how many solar panels you can install on the roof. Solar panels are the best choice to go for. It saves energy and saves hundreds of dollars spent annually on fuels. Installing solar panels on the roof of the RV is a one-time procedure. As this is costly but one-time spending. The use of solar panels on the roof of your RVs is a good choice.

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