Montek x-1000 Waterproof Power Station Review & Test [90%+ Efficiency Rate]

Montek X-1000 Review

As technology is enhanced and many new forms of power storing have been invented. Montek X-100 power station is one of its kind a portable electric generator. It is designed as suitcase look which provides it an attractive look.

Montek X-1000 Power Station
Montek X-1000 Power Station

The Montek X-1000 suitcase has 1000W battery power including an 80W solar charger. The great power storage and elegant look make Monetk-1000 one of the most likable power stations. It is highly demanded because of its features and dynamic look. This power generator is reliable for years and easy to carry. Its portability makes it easy to charge under the sun by using a solar charger.

In this article, you will be getting a complete review of the Montek X-1000 waterproof power station.

Montek x-1000 Waterproof Power Station Review

Montek X-1000 is a portable power station. It comes with many great features and specs. The most attractive technical spec of Montek X-1000 is its Grade-A EV li-ion NMC Polymer battery. It is a 273,000mAh battery and has 2000 charge cycles. Furthermore, the Montek X-1000 has dual AC sockets, provides pure sine wave output. The AC sockets provide 1000 watts of power, each.

Montek X-1000 Review
Montek X-1000 Review

Just like any other power generator, the Montek X-1000 can run a variety of heavy essential home appliances such as a fridge, TV, Microwave Oven, electric drill, Coffee maker, electric fan, and many more. The Montek X-1000 is a lightweight suitcase power station. It has an LED light with SOS integrated. It makes it more suitable for outdoor adventures. The LED light is a 3W device and is good for lightening up your camping tent.

Now, we are going to discuss the main features of the Montek X-1000 portable battery power station. We will go thoroughly and then also guide you about the expected price.

Montek x-1000 Features:

Waterproof Power Station

The waterproof feature makes the device reliable and futuristic to use in any kind of weather. Furthermore, it increases the life span of the electric product by saving it from water. The Montek X-100o is a brilliantly waterproof build.

Montek X-1000 with waterproof feature
Montek X-1000 with waterproof feature

When you are out for adventure, you do not have to worry about water splashes or rain as long as you keep the lids closed. Not just it’s waterproof but also keeps the inside of the Power Station safe from moisture. The ability to waterproof makes the Montek X-1000 very useful in the wilderness and in emergencies.


Lightweight and Suitcase

The weight of Montek X-100o is only 28lbs and the size is 475 x 406 x 120 mm. the suitcase profile also gives the power station a classy look. Due to its look and lightweight, it is easy to carry around without feeling awkward. It gives a feeling of sci-fi movies suitcases. Plus the LED light makes an addition to its attractiveness.


A grade EV Li-ion NCM polymer battery

Montek X-1000 comes with an impressive A-Grade EV Li-Ion NCM Polymer Battery. It is a 25.9V39Ah 273,000mAh battery pack. The battery has 80% battery capacity at 2000 charge cycles.

Montek X-1000 with A-Grade EV Battery
Montek X-1000 with A-Grade EV Battery

The Montek Company claims that the battery is more stable than 18650 Li-Ion batteries, which is used in many solar power stations currently available in market. The use of the NCM Polymer Battery makes Montek X-1000 a lightweight portable power station. Although more cells at large capacity are used with the traditional 18650 battery pack. The Montek X-1000 battery uses fewer battery cells, the Montek X-1000 battery provides safe performance in extreme environments.


Intelligent Colling System

The devices which provide heavy-duty performances often get heat up. Sometimes the overheating becomes the cause of the fire. Fire not only destroys expensive products but also possess a high risk of damaging the lives of people nearby.

The Montek X-1000 comes with an amazing feature of a smart & intelligent cooling system. It has a built-in fan that turns on when the temperature cross 60°C. The speed of the fan increases as the heat increases in the system. The Montek X-1000 automatically shuts down and cuts all its power supplies when the temperature hits 80°C. Thus, saving the product and environment from any hazard risks.


Additional Space for Solar Panel and Cables

Instead of carrying the solar panels and the charging cables separately like other power generators, Montek X-1000 provides extra room for such storage. A user can put the charging wires and the solar panels inside the suitcase and carry them along. The machine has the capacity of storing an 80-watt solar charger. However, if there are additional charger or cable, a user need to handle them separately.

Montek X-1000 TFT Display
Montek X-1000 TFT Display

There are many additional features and specs that can be explained in detail. These features are TFT Display for real-time monitoring, LED light integration with SOS, the charging capacity of the power station, and many more other features. These features make the Montek X-1000 stand out from its competitors.


Montek X-1000 Test

It is loaded with unique features. The doors, lids, flashlight, and buttons are waterproof too, allowing no water to pass through. The display is bright and easy to check the battery status. There is space for you to store a solar panel inside the case. It has 1010 Watt-hours running capacity. You are getting a cigarette lighter, Dc output, USB, and even a c-type USB with 100W output.

Montek X-1000 Output
Montek X-1000 Output

On the opposite side panel, you have two AC output sockets, each providing 1000W output. It has additional space too for storing all the cables that come with Montek X-1000. Everything about Montek X-1000 is unique including the process of charging it. You can charge it by using any house electric socket in about six hours. The unit can also be charged in the car by using a cigarette plug.

The Montek X-1000 can supercharge by using a 400W power supply, connecting it to the DC port. This process will take 3 hours to charge. The great thing is you can speed up the process by connecting Ac charging port at the same time. Together they can charge the power station with 560W. This can charge 80% battery in just 1.6 hours. The unit can work and charge simultaneously. Meanwhile, Montek X-1000 has a crystal clear display showing you the stats.

Montek X-1000 Solar Panelsv Charging
Montek X-1000 Solar Panelsv Charging

The test was to check if the unit can take 400W of Solar input and the result was successful. Montek X-1000 can work with any type or brand of solar panels as long as the voltage in the wiring match up. Montek X-1000 was also tested what power it is taking and giving out and what is its efficiency. The batteries are checked and they are Lithium batteries. These batteries give you 2000 charge cycles. The Montek X-1000 gives you a 90% efficiency rate of power and this is surprisingly good. Montek X-1000 was also tested by overloading it over 1000W. It still worked fine and passed all the tests. They are selling it for $549 and this price is impressive with the features Montek X-1000 is offering.

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As Montek X-1000 comes in a military-grade casing and 1000W power. It is an ideal choice for an electric power station. It can easily carry the load of all the electric appliances at the home and it works best to be used as a backup electric station.

Furthermore, its portability makes it very adventurous for the wilderness, you can take it with you when you go camping. The battery can last hours depending on the use you have. With a solar panel charger, it is easy to charge your Montek X-1000 power station anywhere in the sunlight.

The feature and specifications it has made it the right choice to be selected over other power stations. Ability to shut down when overheated and waterproof makes it an excellent product to be used anywhere anytime.

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