Jackery vs Goal Zero: Which One Batteries Can Be Replaced? [4.8 Stars]

Jackery vs Goal Zero

Want to buy a new power station but are not sure which one to get?

Jackery and Goal Zero are considered one of the top power stations manufacturer in the market. But which brand has the best power stations? To find out the answer to this question, we did a Jackery vs Goal Zero comparison.

Jackery vs Goal Zero
Jackery vs Goal Zero

In this article, you will read about the different features of both of these brands. Furthermore, there is also a comparison between the top Jackery and Goal Zero power stations.

So, let’s get started!

Jackery Power Station Features

What makes Jackery different from others is its features. So, let’s found out what makes Jackery so popular.

Jackery Power Station
Jackery Power Station

High Shares and Better Brand in the Market

The first feature or benefit of the Jackery power station is that it has a higher share value in the market. Well, that is a good thing for people interested in the share market only, right? Wrong!

Higher share value means that the public trusts the company so much that they are interested in investing their money in it. This trust indicates that Jackery as a power station manufacturer is doing great.

Furthermore, higher share value means the company has more money to invest in research and better their products. This is the reason why all of the Jackery power stations are well-received among the customers.

Faster Solar Recharge Rates

Most of the time people just check the battery capacity because they think that’s the only important factor of consideration. However, in our opinion, the charging time is as important if not more important than battery capacity.

With that said, Jackery power stations always offer one of the best solar recharge rates. With the right solar panel, you can charge a Jackery power station within 5-6 hours. However, the charging rate also depends on the battery capacity. So, if the battery capacity is bigger then it might take more time.

Protip: Whenever you’re looking for Jackery or Goal Zero power station for outdoor usage purposes check the charging time.

The Unique Aesthetic Appearance of the Product

Jackery Power Station has a unique style in comparison to its competitors. The all-black body with an orange accent makes the product look sophisticated and more expensive than it actually is. Usually, when it comes to power stations aesthetics don’t matter. However, having a power station that looks better than your friends is always a plus.

Lightweight & Smallest

One of the top features that we love about the Jackery is that most of its power stations are lightweight and portable. The small design along with the lightweight body makes these power stations perfect for travelers. Not only you would be able to fit the Jackery power station in your RV but you can shift it from place to place without any problem.

The reason why these power stations are so lightweight is that Jackery’s target audience is travelers and campers. So, if you are also a camper then you might need to check out the Jackery power station range.


Goal Zero Power Station Features

Next up is Goal Zero. The basic features of Goal Zero and Jackery are similar. However, there are some features that only Goal Zero possesses, let’s find out what they are.

Goal Zero Power Station
Goal Zero Power Station

WiFi Connected

Nowadays all of our devices are connected to one and other. This makes it easier to check on one device using the other. And this is the exact case with the Goal Zero power stations. The first and most talked about feature of the Goal Zero power station is that it offers wifi connectivity.

You can connect a Goal Zero power station with your phone and control it via a mobile app. This app allows you to check the status of the power station and get notification alerts from the system when needed. For example, when the power station’s battery is low the system sends a notification to alert the user. This can be a useful feature for people who prefer convince.

Low Noise

One of the main concerns most people have about power stations is the loud noises the device makes when running. These noises can come from the motor or even the power station fan. However, that is not the case with the Goal Zero power stations.

All of the Goal Zero devices are manufactured to provide optimum comfort. It means these power stations make low to no noise. Even when the fan is working you would not notice anything. This makes this power station better for indoor use. You can use it to run your kitchen appliances and would not have to worry about loud noises at all.

Batteries can be Replaced

Have you ever bought a power station so perfect that it seemed too good to be true? And you were proud of your purchase but then suddenly the power station performance started to go down? If you ever wondered why this happened then let us explain.

The battery comes with a certain amount of lifecycle. For example, the 1000 lifecycle of a battery indicates that this battery can be charged 1000 times till 100% and after that, the battery capacity will go down. No matter how long you charge your device after that, it will only reach 70%.

Decrement in battery capacity is inevitable. But unlike most power stations, Goal Zero allows you to change the battery. So, once you feel you have used your power station’s battery to its core, just change it and your power station would be brand new.

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Invested a Great Deal in Technology

Yes, Jackery might have a higher share value. But when it comes to investing in technology, Goal Zero is at the forefront. During the last few years, Goal Zero has invested a great deal in technology research and it shows. The products are better than ever before and they keep getting more and more good. This means it is the perfect time to buy Goal Zero power stations.


Jackery vs Goal Zero Power Station

Now that we have discussed the features of both Jackery and Goal Zero powers stations, it is time to compare the power station in detail. So, let’s begin.

Jackery 1500 vs Goal Zero 1500x

At first glance, Jackery 1500 and Goal Zero seem to possess the same features. But after a deeper dive, we found out about a few differences and similarities between them. So, let’s discuss them first.


Jackery 1500 vs Goal Zero 1500x
Jackery 1500 vs Goal Zero 1500x


  • Battery Capacity: Jackery 1500 has a 1534Wh battery capacity. Meanwhile, Goal Zero 1500X offers a 1513Wh battery capacity only.
  • Output Ports: Both of these power stations have the same type of output ports and can charge around 7 devices simultaneously.
  • Charging Time: In terms of charging time, Jackery 1500 takes approximately 4 hours to charge via solar and wall outlet and 13 hours to charge via car-port. On the other hand, Goal Zero 1500X can charge within 14 hours via a wall outlet using the 120W charger. And it takes around 18-36 hours to charge via solar using a 100W solar panel. However, if you get a high voltage solar panel or charger then you can charge the Goal Zero 1500X faster.
  • Price: Jackery power station is available for $1600 and Goal Zero 1500X is worth $1999.

 Jackery 1500 Vs Goal Zero 1500X Runtime Test

We ran a few different devices on both of these power stations. What we found out was that Jackery 1500 always offered a better runtime and lasted longer than Goal Zero 1500X.


Jackery 500 vs Goal Zero 500x
Jackery 500 vs Goal Zero 500x

Jackery 500 vs Goal Zero 500x

  • Battery Capacity: As the names suggest, both Jackery 500 and Goal Zero 500X come with around 500Wh battery capacity.
  • Charging Time: In terms of charging, Jackery 500 takes around 5 hours to charge via a wall outlet and carport, and 7 hours via solar panels. On the other hand, Goal Zero 500X’s charging time is not impressive. It takes around 10 hours to charge via a wall outlet and 12 to 24 hours via solar panel.
  • Output Ports: As far as output port goes, Goal Zero has the upper hand. Because it has multiple USB-A, USB-C, 12V, and even pure-swine wave 300W outlets. On the other hand, Jackery does not have USB-C both which is a bummer as most laptops, drones, and mobile phones use USB-C ports.
  • Price: Furthermore, Jackery 500 is $200 cheaper than Goal Zero, so, it is a good option for people on a budget.
  • Body: Lastly, in terms of portability both of these power stations are small and lightweight. However, Goal Zero has a collapsible handle which makes the design much better.

Jackery 500 & Goal Zero 500X Runtime Test

Now that we have discussed the basic features of both of these power stations, it is time to share a test that we performed on these devices.

So, what we did for this test was run the same mini-fridge (355x in) using these two portable power stations one by one. We let the fridge run till the battery ran out.

Jackery 500 portable power station ran the mini-fridge for around 48-50 hours before it died. On the other hand, Goal Zero 500X had a total runtime of 44 hours. This makes Jackery 500 our winner.



Jackery 240 vs Goal Zero 200x

Both of these power stations are some of the most portable devices out there and are amazing to travel with. We have done a test to check how long these power stations last. But before that, let’s talk about their specifications first.


Jackery 240 vs Goal Zero 200x
Jackery 240 vs Goal Zero 200x


  • Battery Capacity: Jackery 240 offers 240Wh battery capacity and Goal Zero 200x has a 200Wh battery.
  • Output Ports: Both of these portable power stations have similar output ports. However. Unlike Jackery, Goal Zero offers a USB-C port which is a plus as most of the devices these days have a USB-C port.
  • Charging Time: In terms of charging, Jackery 240 takes only 3 hours to charge via a wall outlet and 5 hours to charge via car-port or solar. On the other hand, Goal Zero takes around 6 hours to charge via a wall outlet and takes even longer to charge via solar and car-port.
  • Price: Right now, Jackery 240Wh is available for $199 meanwhile you can get the Goal Zero 200x for $299.

Jackery 240 Vs Goal Zero 200X Runtime Test

For this test, we tried to run a 12V camping blanket on both of the power stations separately. And the results were shocking.

Jackery 240 powered the 12V banket for around 15 hours on a low setting and died out. We tested it again but this time we put the blanket on high setting. And on high setting Jackery 240 ran the blanket for around 12 hours.

On the other hand, Goal Zero 200X could only power the blanket for 6 hours on a low setting and died out.


Jackery vs Goal zero: Which Power Station Is Better?

Now that we have discussed the features of Jackery and Goal Zero and compared their products, who’s the winner of this Jackery vs Goal Zero battle? To be honest, this answer is slightly difficult to answer because these brands offer something different.

For example, Goal Zero power stations have a better selection of output ports. Meanwhile, most of Jackery power stations lack a USB-C port which is crucial nowadays.

Jackery power stations have a better runtime and charge time. Due to this faster charging, you can use these power stations every day. However, Goal Zero offers a battery replacement offer which is good considering the short lifecycles of power stations battery.

Even though bought of these brands have their own pros and cons, in our opinion, Jackery is a better brand to invest in. Because Jackery offers longer runtime, faster charging, and lastly it is cheaper than Goal Zero. However, if you want to charge your laptops, mobile phones, drones, etc, then Goal Zero would be a better option as it has USB-C ports.


With that, we are at the end of our Jackery vs Goal Zero comparison. If you are still not sure which power station you should buy then check out our blog page where we test, compare, and review the best powers citations in the market.

Till then, peach out!

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