Goal Zero Yeti Replacement Battery: Get an Enhanced Performance

Goal Zero yeti 1250 replacement battery
Goal Zero yeti 1250 replacement battery

Goal Zero is committed to empower you to use solar power for all your electricity needs. However, despite the best quality of products, the batteries have a specified life and need to be replaced after some time.

Selecting a suitable Goal Zero Yeti Replacement Battery can be a difficult proposition, given the number of options available.

As a small contribution towards the noble cause of promoting usage of solar power, we’ve compiled a list of replacement batteries for Goal Zero Yeti solar power generation products.

We’ve tried to cover most of the popular models of the ace brand in order to equip you with the relevant information in a condensed form so that you can take an informed decision.

In the present article, you’ll find answers to the most common questions that arise when there’s a dip in the performance of a Goal Zero Solar Generator.


Can You Replace the Goal Zero Solar Generator Battery?

There’s not much doubt in the fact that Goal Zero is the market leader in the production of solar generators. They manufacture various types and capacities of solar generators to meet the requirements of different users.

With continued usage, the power proficiency of these generators is found to decline. The most common cause of this reduction is the lowering of the battery’s ability to store power due to various reasons.

One question that the users of these generators have is whether the batteries of the generator can be replaced or not. If you have a similar question in your mind, you’ve come to the right place. The one-word answer to the query is “Yes”. The Goal Zero Generators are manufactured keeping these future requirements of users in mind. The lithium batteries of the generators are replaceable.

There are many batteries available in the market claiming to be replacement batteries for Goal Zero  Yeti Solar Generators. However, you’ll need to be careful in selecting the right battery as apart from the volt, amperage and other technical specifications, the size of the battery and the connections should be checked for perfect match. The following are the critical factors to check before purchasing a battery for your solar generator .


 (a) Compatibility  The battery’s specifications should be compared to those of the generator to ascertain that the two of them are congruous with each other. The dimensions of the battery need to be checked to confirm that it’ll perfectly fit into the space available. The connecting lugs of the battery must be such that the joints are well matched.


 (b) Leak Proof  The chemicals inside the battery’s body are dangerous as are the fumes and gases produced due to the chemical reactions. If these leak out of the battery, it’ll not only reduce the battery’s capacity, but also pose health hazards for the users. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that your battery should be completely leak-proof.


 (c) Ease of Installation  This may seem like a trivial point to many, but it’s an important point. An incorrect installation may not only damage the battery and the generator, but may even prove to be dangerous for you. If the installation process is complicated, there are more chances of mistakes. Hence, battery manufacturers also make it a point to provide batteries which are easy to install.


Goal Zero yeti replacement battery
Goal Zero yeti replacement battery


In order to help you choose the right kind of battery to meet your specific requirements, we’ve done all the hard work of carrying out market surveys, undertaking compatibility checks and even perform physical tests to bring you the 3 best Goal zero yeti replacement batteries available.

These batteries are of exactly the same dimension as the original Goal Zero Generator batteries, totally leak-proof and easy to install. The features of these are given as below.

Goal Zero yeti 1250 replacement battery: VMax SLR-125 

The SAE 12V AGM sealed battery is deep cycle and powered to give 125Ah. It’s a group 31 battery having military grade plates. The battery has a recombination capability as high as 99%. It perfectly fits into the space inside the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 in place of the 100Ah battery that’s initially provided with the generator. The batteries come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and authentication stamp. Few points that make this battery a real winner are enlisted as under :

Goal Zero yeti 1250 replacement battery

  •  Highly Durable  The best grades of materials used in its manufacture provide it long float service life of about 8 to 10 years in float mode.
  •  Zero Toxic Fume Pollution  It’s 100% safe for domestic use.
  •  Enhanced Performance  VMax SLR-125 enhances the capacity of the Yeti 1250 solar generator because of its higher specifications.



Goal Zero yeti 150 replacement battery: Mighty Max SLA Battery

The SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) 12V 15Ah battery is maintenance free. It has high-end features like long life, fast recovery from deep discharge and one of the highest discharge rates. It comes with a 12 months warranty as well as 30 day refund promise. The latest technology of calcium-alloy grid gives it an extra long life and the AGM . The multipurpose battery fits perfectly inside the Escape 150 and it actually surpasses the output of the original battery. Some of the other features that make it stand out among its competitors are given below :-

Goal Zero yeti 150 replacement battery

  •  Wide Range of Operating Temperatures.  This means that its performance doesn’t get adversely affected due to changes in the temperature.
  •  Spill-proof.  The AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology makes it 100% leak-proof and therefore it’s totally safe to use indoors also.
  •  Sturdy Construction.  The best grade of materials are used in the manufacture of the battery making it very strong. It’s shock and vibration resistant and can be used in any orientation.


Goal Zero yeti 400 replacement battery: UPS Battery Center

The lead acid battery is ideal for replacing batteries of Yeti 400 class of Goal Zero solar generators. It’s totally compatible with the Goal zero Yeti 400 generator and is very easy to install. The leak proof battery not only fits in flawlessly inside this class of solar generators, but also outdoes the performance of the original battery. It even weighs lesser than the indigenous battery thereby effectively reducing the weight of the generator. Some of its unique features are as following :-

Goal Zero yeti 400 replacement battery

  •  Heavy Duty . The strongly built battery is tough and rugged, which ensures that there are no accidental damages, while you’re out camping with your Yeti 400.
  •  Perfectly Sealed.  It’s latest sealing technology guards it against any leakages and therefore it’s 100% safe for use even indoor as well as in close human contact.
  •  Performance Guaranteed . The 1 year guarantee offered by the manufacturer instills extra faith in the buyer.
  •  Long Life . With a long cyclic as well as float service life, it’s durable and long lasting.


Note. While we’ve compiled a list of batteries that meet our criteria out of the batteries that were available to us, we don’t claim that this is a comprehensive list. We’ll keep updating the list by adding or deleting the items as and when some new batteries are available for comparison.


Why to Replace the Lithium Ion Battery of a Goal Zero Solar Generator?


 1. Normal Life:  The lithium-ion batteries store energy in the atomic bonds of lithium. Although they’re rechargeable, the life of a normal Li-ion battery is only two to three years or 500 full usage cycles, whichever occurs early. A full cycle is from full charge to complete discharge and then full charge again. It works best when it’s taken to only incomplete discharge rather than deep or full discharge. As it doesn’t have any charging memory, there’s no harm using it up-to partial discharge.


The life of a Li-ion battery diminishes even when it’s not in use, so the battery needs to be replaced after a maximum of 3 years, irrespective of its usage. Apart from the normal reasons mentioned above, the life of the Li-ion battery also reduces every time you accidentally discharge it completely. Overheating due to external heat or excessive charging also reduces the battery’s life. Once the power storage capacity of the battery starts dropping, it’s best to replace it to get the optimum output from your Goal Zero Generator.


 2. Enhance Power Capacity.  Sometimes there may be a requirement to increase the capacity of the battery to meet additional power needs of users. The Goal Zero Solar Generators generally have higher power generation capability than the battery provided with them. This extra power potential can be tapped by using a higher capacity battery. Hence, the battery might have to be replaced to achieve a higher power capacity.


Why Change the Generator, When Only Battery Needs Replacement?


The solar generator consists of different components including solar panels, charge control device, battery etc. The battery is the most vulnerable part of the system that leads to majority of problems.


The other elements of the generator will rarely go bad and have much longer service lives. However, the users are generally not aware of this. In case of some issues with the generator, due to their ignorance, the users tend to go for replacing the entire generator, even when it’s just the battery that needs to be changed.


This unnecessary expenditure can be easily avoided if you check the battery’s efficacy. This can be easily done by keeping a track of the power capacity of the generator. Therefore, with simple monitoring of the generator’s power capacity, you can avoid spending extra on the purchase of a new generator.


Give Your Goal Zero Solar Generator the Best Replacement Batteries.

With the diminishing fossil fuels and rising human population, our planet faces a problem like never before. The problem is related to energy requirement for sustenance and comfortable survival of humankind.

Companies like Goal Zero have come forward and taken the responsibility to enable common people to generate and consume electricity from solar power. With the advent of latest technology, the solar generators have come a long way and have become more and more useful in providing electricity for different types of users.

However, the intrinsic problem with rechargeable batteries is that their power retention capacity reduces with time and they’re needed to be replaced. There are tons of batteries in the market claiming to be the best replacement batteries for the Goal Zero generators. This makes the task of selecting the right battery even more difficult.

This is where we pitch in by helping you to identify good quality compatible Goal Zero Yeti replacement battery for your solar generator. We’ll keep updating the list in due course of time.



  1. Hi Chad. Will the VMAX SLR 125 chain to a standard Yeti 1250? I bought one to chain to it through the GZ ring terminal adaptor. I’m not sure if it’s charging up or not. There are some small 4-8 v bursts of input registering- would that indicate a slow float charge? Thank you!

  2. I have a zero 500 that has 432 cycles. And is over 3 years old. What type of replacement battery can I get and still use the 100 watt solar panel?

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