Goal Zero Yeti 400 Review: Top-Seller Among Power Generators

Goal Zero Yeti 400 review

Whether you have a power outage at home, or go on a long road trip having a limited access to household power sources, Goal Zero Yeti 400 will help you keep your devices always charged up and available for use. This power generator is incredibly versatile, providing a wide range of outputs that are ready to charge up to 7 of your appliances at once.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a rechargeable station, which can be charged up in 3 ways. First, you can plug it in a household AC outlet, for a 5-hour full recharge. Then, you can charge it from a car charger, which will take 13 hours. An alternative to these methods is a Goal Zero solar panel, which requires around 8 hours, depending on solar conditions, to recharge the station.

Read on Goal Zero Yeti 400 review to see what other features has this wonderful generator, and what are its benefits comparing to kindred devices.


  • Weight: 29 lbs (13.2 kg)
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Cell Type: AGM Lead-Acid
  • Peak Capacity: 396Wh (12V, 33Ah)
  • Wall Charger (72W): 5 Hours
  • Boulder 200 Solar Panel: 4-8 Hours
  • USB port (output): 5V, up to 2.1A (10W max) regulated

A Top-Seller Among Power Generators

Goal Zero Yeti 400 has the best selling success among Goal Zero generator series. The power station delivers a significantly larger amount of power than other smaller power stations, being able to ensure the complete charge of many devices at once, including: smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Even from the release of Yeti 400 with a lithium battery, the device remains a leader on the market, being appreciated for its high efficiency and portability. So, if you still search for a powerful generator that boasts positive reviews and large recognition among customers, this one will be a nice pick for you.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Key Performance

# Multiple Solar Chargers

Multiple Solar Chargers
Multiple Solar Chargers
Yeti 400 is compatible with a series of Goal Zero solar chargers that you can buy together with the power station in a variety of kits. The most popular solar chargers are Nomad 20 and Boulder 50. The first one features a practical and compact three-layered design that allows to fold it easily, being a perfect choice for campers. At the same time, Boulder 50 is a more robust and powerful solar charger that ensures a quick recharge of Yeti 400, which is so useful and handy during off-grid emergencies.
Besides those two, you can get many other top-end solar chargers by Goal Zero, whose performance will give you much satisfaction and desire to stay loyal to this brand.

# Capable to run up to 7 devices

Capable to run up to 7 devices
Capable to run up to 7 devices
If you are on a long trip on your car, and need to be kept up to date about everything that happens around the world, having your laptop and smartphone charged up is always a must. No matter how many personal devices do you have on you, Goal Zero Yeti 400 is ready to run up all of them at the same time, making you forget about the off-grid emergency. The power station is equipped with 2 AC outlets, 2 USB ports and 3 12V ports that together can charge up 7 devices.
Additionally, the generator has a backup power supply that can charge up small appliances. Whether you’ve plugged in one device or recharge the battery of more devices at once, the quality and speed of power supply will not suffer. The generator has a smart power distribution system that ensures that each port is supplied with equal amount of power.

# Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and Portable
Lightweight and Portable
Despite of being a massive power supplier with an incredible operating capacity, Yeti 400 features a compact structure and is lightweight enough for a single person to carry it around. The device weighs 29 lbs and its height is 8 inches, its length 10.5 inches and its width 8 inches.
In this way, the power bank can easily fit in your trailer or trunk of the car taking little space, and leaving room for other essential stuff for your trip. The generator is equipped with a handle that allows for a convenient grip and maximum comfort while carrying it. Thanks to its light weight, Yeti 400 can be moved around without significant effort, giving you more flexibility while on a camping trip, or during a power outage at home.

# Easy to Use

Goal Zero Yeti 400 is extremely easy to use. Despite of dealing with a multitude of electronical ports, the device is not hard to handle at all. This is because of its user-friendly panel that displays any information needed for an easy usage. The panel shows designations for all outlets, allowing the user not to get confused while choosing the right port. The panel is devided into two parts: the input section and the output section. The output section has 3 types of power outlets, each of them being encircled and designated with the name of the corresponding type of port for better recognition. The input area also features words and symbols that increase the understanding of the users in regard to what way they use to recharge the power station.
Goal zero yeti 400 LSD display
Goal zero yeti 400 LSD display
Moreover, the panel boasts a LSD display where you can see the real-time input and output power, when you at the same time charge up an electronical device and recharge the generator. Also, there is a battery symbol drawn on the display that fills up and empties out, depending on how much power there is in the generator available. In this way, you can estimate the runtime of Yeti 400 and optimize the process of battery charging of your appliances. An important role is played by the input calculator. It helps you identify the best position for solar panels while recharging the generator. Thus, if the input figure stands still or moves up slowly, it is a signal for you that you need to change the position of the solar panels, in a way that more sun energy touches with their surface.

# Low Noise Level

Unlike many generators that use gasoline to invert direct current to alternating current, this one uses a gas-free inverter that does not produce so much noise, and emits no toxic fumes. Such inverter is much safer to use in household conditions and other enclosed spaces, and requires little to no maintenance. In this way, you can let the power station work even at night, when other people around are sleeping.

Who Goal Zero Yeti 400 is Designed For?

Taking into consideration that a power generator is designed for emergency off-grid situations, Goal Zero Yeti is a perfect device for travelers that miss a lot from home and have no access to the household’s power supply system. The portable power station can join travelers on their road trips and camping trips, and serve as a wonderful source for charging up their personal electronical devices and other surviving essentials, like: headlights, small fridges and telecommunication appliances.
Goal zero yeti 400 applications
Goal zero yeti 400 applications
Also, Yeti 400 can be used during a power outage, by people living in apartments, who do not want to experience the hassle of using a gasoline-powered generator. This gas-free power bank can substitute those appliances that are too noisy, which disturbs the peace of other people, and eliminate toxic fumes that can harm the health.

True Testing

Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a trully impressive generator that delivers a huge amount of power, making it capable of charging up your electronical devices several times. If you charged up your phone’s battery, and try as much as possible to save it during your trip until you arrive home, stop doing it. This power bank is able to charge 30 times your phone, so you are free to use it how much you want. At the same time, another surviving necessity as a headlamp can be charged up 100 times, while a go pro can receive about 70 full charges.
Goal Zero Yeti 400 True Testing
Goal Zero Yeti 400 True Testing
If speaking of bigger devices, a digital camera can be recharged 20 times, allowing you to take shots throughout your entire road trip. If you have your tablet on you, you can charge it up 10 times using Goal Zero Yeti 400. Even such a powerful appliance as a laptop can be recharged more than once. Usually, the power bank supprts from 3 to 5 laptop charges. These incredible capabilities make Yeti 400 one of the most powerful and efficient generators from Goal Zero series, hence, its growing popularity among customers.

What you can get?

The packaging to the product includes: the generator itself with a gas-free inverter and a user-friendly panel containing all the ports and a smart LSD display that tells you how much power you get and how much you use. Besides that, Yeti 400 comes with a wall charger that helps you connect the generator to your household outlet. Also, you get a legacy adapter that is used to adapt old solar panels to the port of the power bank.

Can Goal Zero Yeti 400 battery be replaced?

Goal Zero yeti 400 replacement batteryIf you are not satisfied with the performance of the power bank, you can replace its lead acid battery with an identical replacement battery that sells apart from the appliance. The battery has the same size and is made of the same material. Lead acid batteries provide extended durability and high supply of power.
12V 35AH Battery Replacement for Yeti 400 is a heavy-duty appliance that proves high resistance against bangs, dents and weather. Although a bit heavier than a lithium battery, this lead acid unit provides a greater amount of power, while not adding too much weight that can make it harder for the owner to carry it around. Moreover, the battery is a reliable source of balance for Yeti 400, being placed centrally inside the generator.
This heavy-duty and powerful battery can also have other applications while operating together with Yeti 400. You can use the replacement battery to chain it to the main battery of the generator to produce more power and prolong the runtime of the device during off-grid emergencies. Chaining more batteries will allow you charge up big appliances, like: a fridge or an electrical stove that you can take on the campsite, or use on your long trips with your travel trailer. The more batteries are chained, the more opportunities you get in providing your camping supplies with quality power.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Compatible Solar Panels recommend

Goal zero yeti 400 compatible solar panel
The fastest way to recharge Yeti 400 is by using a solar panel, but only of course if the solar conditions are favorable for that. In order to get a fast and quality recharge, not only the sun needs to shine bright, but also the solar panel needs to work at its peak, and transform as much sun energy into power as possible.
For that, you have to choose the right panel that is compatible with Goal Zero Yeti 400. A perfect option would be Goal Zero Boulder 100. This monocrystalline solar panel plugs directly into Yeti 400, providing clean power collected from sunlight. The 100-watt panel is able to charge up the battery of the power bank within 8 hours, in case there is a high quantity of sunlight.
The panel has a water proof structure, while its surface is covered with tempered glass that provides protection, encourages the transformation of sunlight to power, and keeps the panel lightweight enough to install easy and move around for finding the most favorable position towards the sun. The layer of anodized alluminum protects the panel from bangs, but also plays the important role of conducting electricity, which improves the process of power transformation. The kickstand also ensures a hassle-free installation, being easy to fold and removable, which allows you to fit it effortlessly in your car.
In addition, Boulder 100 can be chained with another solar panels for speeding up the charging process. If you are in dire need for power, you can chain two or more Boulder 100 panels to halve the time the generator’s battery gets back to life, or even reduce it up to 2 hours, in case the sun conditions allow it.


On the whole, Goal Zero Yeti 400 review demostrates how powerful and efficient is this generator, by pointing out its outstanding features and incredible capabilities that outperform lots of power banks of its kind. Yeti 400 can charge up to 7 devices simultaneously, and provides 3 different types of outputs for extending the spectrum of appliances that you can charge. At the same time, the power station prevents the hassle of using a gas generator, which emits harmful fumes and makes noise. Instead, it uses a gasoline-free inverter that is much more functional and silent. Thus, Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a perfect device for off-grid situations.

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