EcoFlow R600 Review – Things to Know

EcoFlow R600 Review

Solar generators are vital tools for having a sustainable power supply. With them, you can enjoy electricity anywhere. Besides, you can also use them as backup power supplies for the home. Interestingly, there are many discoveries about solar generators.

EcoFlow is one of the few solar power stations with lots of great features like fast charging. Additionally, the product also has a mobile app that provides ease of use. Meanwhile, the EcoFlow R600 has other related models like the EcoFlow R600 Max and the EcoFlow R600 Pro. In this EcoFlow R600 review, you will get to know some great features of this product.

EcoFlow R600 Specifications on Kickstarter

Undoubtedly, EcoFlow R600 is a fantastic product. However, there are some specifications that you need to understand in this EcoFlow R600 review. In this section, you will see the charging cycles, battery capacity, and more. Please carefully go through the specifications below:

Capacity 288Wh
Wall Charging 250W Max
Wall Charging Time 1.6 Hour
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Total Ports 12
Type-C PD Ports 100W
Solar Panel Charging Time 1.6-3 Hours (100W X2)
Solar Panel Charging 200W (110W X2)
Shelf Life One year
AC Output 600W
AC Ports 3
Weight 11 lbs

According to the producers, the EcoFlow R600 was produced to suit customer’s lifestyles. With the intuitive design, the UPS feature is impressive for an uninterruptible power system. In other words, the device starts operation when there’s a power outage.

So, this allows all other essential appliances in the location to keep functioning. Due to the new upgrade in design, it is lightweight and portable without the need for maintenance. Since the device doesn’t make use of fuel, there’s no need for constant costly purchases. Let’s see more detail about the product in this EcoFlow R600 review.


EcoFlow R600 Features

As expected, a solar generator like the EcoFlow R600 should come with several unique features. Like most solar-powered generators, the EcoFlow R600 has some extras, such as charging speed, battery capacity, and more.

Overall, the R600 is known to be efficient, environmentally friendly, and portable. So, it may be one of the best choices for a solar power station. Aside from the general features of similar products, there are some unique features that you should know in this EcoFlow R600 review:

1. World’s Fastest Charging Power

If you’ve heard anything about this product, you may have heard about its fast charging. Compared to its other features in this EcoFlow R600 review, the EcoFlow R600’S fast charging stands out. For this reason, people call the device the “World’s Fastest Charging Power Station.” With the X-Stream Recharge technology, the EcoFlow R600 has one of the fastest charging rates.

Ecoflow Fastest Charging Power

Additionally, the solar generator works five times faster than other competing brands in the market. So, in two hours of using a typical wall outlet, the device will reach the full charge. However, the device’s complete run-time is still dependent on the wattage of the appliance you’re utilizing with it. Impressively, users seem to be getting a good hang of this feature.

2. Easily Increase Double Capacity

Aside from the standard fast charging feature, users have a chance to increase double capacity with ease. Logically, double capacity gives more power. In other words, this feature signifies that users can double the generator’s ability to provide dual power. However, the question is, how does this apply to EcoFlow R600? We’d get into that in this EcoFlow R600 review.

Ecoflow r600 Easily Increase Double Capacity

With EcoFlow’s X-Link Chaining Technology, the EcoFlow R600 MAX or EcoFlow R600 can be upgraded to a 1200W Battery Powered Generator. How does this work? Well, with the use of an X-Link cable, that is very feasible. Hence, start by chaining the R600 to double the AC power output and capacity. Thanks to this technology, you can enjoy the same industrial power level as a standard generator.

3. EcoFlow Mobile App

In recent times, many solar generators have adopted the use of mobile apps alongside their devices. Although, mobile apps differ from one company to another, as you will discover in this EcoFlow R600 review. Some products don’t have user-friendly mobile applications, and some don’t provide great ones. Interestingly, you can control the R600 with physical buttons.

EcoFlow Mobile App

For users who want to use the app, they need to pair their R600 over WiFi. Impressively, using the app makes it easier to utilize the solar generator. Moreover, using the application can make you switch between different charging modes. In this device, the two significant charging modes are Normal Mode and Quiet Mode. Additionally, the brightness of the LED light is controllable with the use of the remote app.

What’s about X-Stream?

X-Stream sounds like a problematic term to understand. However, we will be explaining the meaning in this EcoFlow R600 review. When using products outside of the EcoFlow, you may discover that a bulky adapter comes with them. Moreover, these adapters convert electricity from the typical Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). Hence, before you can charge your device, you need to use a big adapter that charges slowly. Thankfully, with the X-Stream, users can charge up the R600 device with the AC without a brick converter.

Why Choose Battery Power Station Not Gas Generator?

There are so many benefits that come with choosing a battery power station over a gas generator. However, one of the main advantages of using a battery power station is that you don’t need to use gasoline. Ultimately, that cuts down the overall cost of using the device. Moreover, battery power stations are generally quiet. Unlike gas generators, a battery power station doesn’t make any noise, which makes camping easier. Interestingly, they are also very safe, as you should know from this EcoFlow R600 review. Gas generators emit what is called carbon monoxide, a gas that is unhealthy to inhale.


Overall, EcoFlow R600 has very fantastic features. As the world’s fastest charging power device, you can make the most use of it anywhere. According to the company, you should be expecting to get a product that charges five times faster than the traditional power stations.

Moreover, the producers have also made it possible to increase double capacity. All of these features make the solar generator unique. Compared to a gas generator, the EcoFlow R600 is safe to use and requires little to no maintenance. Hopefully, this EcoFlow R600 review has provided enlightenment about the product.

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