The New EcoFlow DELTA Pro Review [Fastest Charging Power Station]

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Review

The market is full of power stations that claim to make your life easier. But this abundance makes it more difficult for the users to choose the perfect product. The many options are why we are always on the run to find out more about new power stations. And this leads us to today’s topic, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro review.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Power Station
EcoFlow DELTA Pro Power Station

EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a new addition to the EcoFlow DELTA family. Even though the launch date of EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a mystery, we are expecting it to release in June-July.

But we couldn’t wait any longer to get our hands on the product. Before that, we researched all over the internet to compile as much information about EcoFlow DELTA Pro as we could. We are excited to share it all with you today.

Update: Ecoflow delta pro have been released on kickstarter on July 15th, we can get it now.

But, NOW, without any further ado, let’s begin with our EcoFlow DELTA Pro review.


Ecoflow Delta Pro Specs
Capacity 3600Wh
Extra Battery Up to 2 smart extra batteries
Ac Output Ports 5 outlets 3600W (Surge 7200W)
Max Device Power 4500W
DC Output 2 * USB-A 12w

2 * USB-A Fast Charge 18w

2 * USB-C 100W

Car power 126W²

2 * DC5521 38W²

Anderson Port 12.6V 30A
Battery Lifepo4
Net Weight Approx 99lbs /45kg
Input Charging AC Charging / Solar Charging / Car Charging
Warranty 3 years



EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station

This power station features X-treme technology. X-treme technology means you can charge your power station from 0 to 80% within 1 hour. If that is not fast, we don’t know what is.



EcoFlow DELTA Pro Features

Let’s start this EcoFlow DELTA Pro review with some of the notable EcoFlow DELTA Pro features.


EcoFlow DELTA Pro Capacity

EcoFlow already offers so many excellent portable power stations with large capacities. But with the new EcoFlow DELTA Pro model, they are going all out. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is offering a 3600WH battery capacity.

However, if you wait for a second, you might think that is not a lot. Well, we thought the same. But then we realized something. EcoFlow DELTA Pro indeed has a 3600WH capacity. However, you can get extra batteries to expand the EcoFlow DELTA Pro’s capacity. When it comes to enhancing these portable power stations’ charge, the sky is literally the limit.

What we mean by that is simple. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is capable of increasing the overall battery capacity up to 25,000WH.

So, how can you decide how much battery capacity you will need? There’s no need to worry. Just use the following data. Search for the amount you need to get the most out of the station.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Capacity
EcoFlow DELTA Pro has a huge expandable capacity that you can customize to meet your energy needs.

1 EcoFlow DELTA Pro = 3600WH: 2 days of emergency home power or 3 hours of daily home power.

2 EcoFlow DELTA Pro = 7200WH: 3 days of emergency home power or 6 hours of daily home power.

3 EcoFlow DELTA Pro = 10800WH: 5 days of emergency home power or 9 hours of daily home power.

6 EcoFlow DELTA Pro = 25000WH: 13 days of emergency home power or 20 hours of daily home power.

So, if you are looking for a power station that you can use to charge your phone in emergencies, the 1 EcoFlow DELTA Pro battery should suffice. However, if you live somewhere where electricity shortage is a huge issue, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro 25000WH will be your friend. Nearly two weeks of power to help you in times of emergency!


EcoFlow DELTA Pro Inverter

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Review

How many times have you tried to run some appliance on your power station and the inverter tripped? This situation has happened to all of us. The reason behind this is that the generator’s inverter limit is not enough for the appliances. This reason is why you should always check the output of your power generator’s inverter.

When we read about the EcoFlow DELTA Pro’s inverter, we were shocked. This power station offers 3600 watts output. But, you can increase the output by connecting two EcoFlow DELTA Pro via the dual voltage hub. This addition will get you 7200 watts of output. This amount means you can run almost every appliance. Iron, fridge, or juicer mixer? No problem. Run your hair straightener or even a lawnmower. EcoFlow DELTA Pro can do it all.


EcoFlow DELTA Pro Flow Charge

Well, just like any other battery, power stations need to charge as well. But with EcoFlow DELTA Pro, we have got many different options to charge the battery. First of all, EcoFlow DELTA Pro features a flow charge. This feature means this power station offers fast charging. Still, that is not all it has to offer. With EcoFlow DELTA Pro, there are many different ways to fast charge your battery.

To start with, you can use the usual wall outlet to charge the EcoFlow DELTA. As EcoFlow DELTA Pro features X-treme technology, we presume this model will take around 1.5 to 3 hours to charge like EcoFlow’s other power stations.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Fully Charged Time
EcoFlow DELTA Pro Fully Charged Time

Next, you can use the cigarette outlet to charge your power station from your car’s battery. Other than that, you can also use the smart generator to charge your EcoFlow DELTA Pro.

In terms of green energy, EcoFlow DELTA Pro is not behind any of its competitors. Users can use solar panel sheets to charge this power station. Additionally, it can also use a wind turbine to charge!

Finally, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro can charge via the EV charging stations. As there are around 35000 EV power stations in the USA, you will never be out of charge again.

Ecoflow delta pro reach 6000W charging speed
Ecoflow delta pro reach 6000W charging speed


EcoFlow DELTA Pro Output Port

What is the point of having a power station with one of the best inverters if it does not have a port that supports your appliance? Right? Well, you don’t have to worry about output ports anymore with EcoFlow DELTA Pro.

First of all, it offers USB ports, 12V ports, and 120V AC ports. So, you can connect it with pretty much any type of appliance you have. Furthermore, EcoFlow DELTA Pro can run 11 different devices simultaneously. You would never have to get another power station ever again.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Output Port
EcoFlow DELTA Pro Output Port


EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Design

Yes, EcoFlow has been advertising the EcoFlow DELTA Pro as The Portable Home Battery. But, does that mean that you can only use it at home? Of course not. As the power station has not launched yet. However, one thing we know for sure is that the DELTA Pro power station is portable.

To start with, we can see the wheels on the bottom of the power station. These wheels will help you transport the power generator everywhere without any problem. Furthermore, these wheels are all-terrain. So, you can take your power station anywhere you go.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station
EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station

Secondly, the power station is designed as a suitcase and has an ergonomic handle. With this handle, you can carry it with a power station without putting pressure on your wrist.


  • Large battery capacity can use for emergency power for 2 to 13 days
  • 3600WH to 7400WH inverter can support 99.99% of electrical appliances
  • One of the fastest charging power stations in the market
  • Multiple output ports – can run 11 devices simultaneously
  • All-terrain wheels – easy to travel with
  • Built-in fans keep the battery temperature low


  • There is only one problem, EcoFlow DELTA Pro is not available for purchase.


Ecoflow DELTA Pro Price

Ecoflow has not launched the DELTA Pro portable power station yet. However, you can get your hands on the EcoFlow DELTA Pro early by pledging to the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Kickstarter campaign.

Pay $2699 to get the EcoFlow DELTA Pro by October 2021.

Or For $2999 you can get,

  • DELTA Pro 3600Wh
  • AC charging cable
  • Smart generator adapter
  • Handle cover

If you pay $3848 you can get all the previously mentioned items along with a 1 x 400W solar panel.

For $3898 you can get 1 x DELTA Pro, 1 x DELTA Pro smart battery, and all the necessary accessories.

You can more to get more EcoFlow Smart Batteries for more capacity.



EcoFlow DELTA Pro Vs EcoFlow DELTA 1800W Power Station

ECOFLOW DELTA 1300 Power Station

Done reading the EcoFlow DELTA Pro review? Well, now it is time to compare other EcoFlow DELTA power stations with the EcoFlow DELTA pro. This comparison will help you decide if the new EcoFlow DELTA Pro is for you. It could also help determine if you can settle with the older version.


EcoFlow DELTA is available in the market right now for $1199.00. The price might seem a lot. Still, it is reasonable if you think about all the features. On the other hand, we still have no idea how expensive EcoFlow DELTA Pro will be. The one thing we can expect is that it will not be any cheaper than the EcoFlow DELTA.


Battery Capacity

ECOFLOW DELTA 1300 output power

When it comes to battery capacity, EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the clear winner. It offers 3600WH of battery capacity. On the other hand, EcoFlow DELTA offers a 1260WH battery capacity which is remarkable compared to other power stations in the market.

Just like DELTA Pro, you can connect multiple DELTA power stations to increase the battery capacity. However, the battery capacity of a single unit of DELTA is still lesser than that of DELTA Pro.


Output Wattage

In terms of output, EcoFlow DELTA Pro is again the winner. With a single DELTA Pro unit, you can get up to 3600 watts output. If you connect two DELTA Pro units, it increases to 7200 watts. With this much output, you can run pretty much anything.


ECOFLOW DELTA 1300 Multiple Charging Outputs Provide More Options


When it comes to DELTA 1800W, as the name suggests, the unit offers 1800W. This output is still impressive. You can run several appliances on it without any problem.


Recharge Time

Both DELTA Pro and DELTA 1800W are great when it comes to recharging time. First and foremost, both of these power stations offer multiple different options to recharge your battery.

ECOFLOW DELTA 1300 fastest recharge

You can recharge them using your wall outlet. DELTA takes 1 hour to charge from 0 to 80% using the wall outlet. DELTA Pro’s exact recharge time is not known yet. However, as the battery capacity is sizable, it is customary to speculate that DELTA Pro would take longer to recharge.

The same rule applies to other charging types as well. If charged using solar energy or a cigarette outlet, the DELTA Pro might take slightly longer than the standard DELTA for recharging.


Output Ports

One thing that all of the EcoFlow power stations are good at is providing multiple output ports. However, we think DELTA 1800W might win. DELTA Pro has not shared the full specifications list yet. But, by judging the photo of the model, we can assume it has 11 output ports in total. Meanwhile, DELTA 1800W has 13 ports in total. Additionally, you can use all of them simultaneously.


EcoFlow DELTA Pro Vs EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Stations

Want to buy an EcoFlow power station but don’t have enough budget for it? Well, do not fret. You can still get a high-quality EcoFlow power station. You will need to look in the right direction. EcoFlow’s RIVER range is affordable and perfect for budget-friendly people.


EcoFlow River 370 power station
EcoFlow River 370 power station

Ecoflow RIVER portable power station is available for $350 only and offers 288 WH battery capacity. The battery is small, yet, it can come in handy in emergencies. Furthermore, it is 80% compatible with home appliances.


EcoFlow RIVER Max Portable Power Station

For $600, you can get an EcoFlow RIVER Max portable power station. It is the same in battery capacity and compatibility as the first RIVER power station. The only difference is that with this power station, you can run ten appliances at a time.


EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station

For just $650, you can get the RIVER pro portable power station. It has got every RIVER technology but with a 720WH battery.


About EcoFlow Company

Before we start reviewing the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, let’s talk a little about the brand itself.

EcoFlow was established in 2016 by a team of people who worked for a drone development firm before. Their job at the firm was to perfect the drone battery and make it lightweight.

They used their extensive knowledge about drone battery technology and implemented that with the power station technology. Additionally, they have worked on making power stations that are high quality yet lightweight.

So far, all EcoFlow power station launches have been excellent. Customers have well-received the power stations.



With that, we are at the end of the article. We hope you liked our EcoFlow DELTA Pro review. So, what are our final thoughts?

EcoFlow DELTA Pro in every shape and form is an excellent addition to the DELTA range. The battery capacity is immaculate.

Also, the fact that you can connect multiple EcoFlow DELTA Pro to increase the battery capacity is astonishing. The output wattage is also impressive.

It can run all of the electric appliances complimented with a fast charge. You can charge it anywhere, from a wall outlet to a solar panel.

If you are interested in knowing more about power stations, batteries, and DELTA Pro, keep checking our blog page. Peace!


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  1. Theoretically speaking, you can connect as many DELTAs in series as you want (but not in parallel). However, the efficiency of the machines will be seriously compromised (The energy consumption of the inverters grows with the number of the connected machines). As a result, we do not recommend to connect more than 2 DELTAs in serial, and it is necessary to fully charge every DELTA before you connecting them together. Please keep in mind that connecting DELTA in series will not increase the rated output (it will remain 1800W ), but will expand the capacity.
    * This applies to all power stations in DELTA series (DELTA mini, DELTA Max, DELTA Pro).

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