EasyFocus Portable Power Station 200WhI will talk about a general review of Easyfocus portable power station, and I will also discuss it in very great details below. Indeed, we are in the twenty-first century, and the need for a power station will always be the talk of the moment. Most of the electronics we use daily require the frequent use of power. Our gadgets as vital as they are can not function without power. The power stations are a must to have for someone who has a sizeable number of gadgets. And this includes most people.

The portable power stations are for who?

But the function of portable power stations is not limited to only gadgets. The use of portable power stations is far more than that. The application is quite many. E.g., medical emergencies use portable power stations. This helps to deliver smart and urgent power needed in the heat of the moment. Many hospitals and rescue aids often use this. They have a genuine need for portable power stations.

In cases of natural disasters, rescuers use portable power stations. E.g earth quakes, tornados etc. Some conditions also restrict one to environments in which there are no sources of electricity. And you can not with ease get an electric outlet to charge your devices or gadgets. As a result, this requires the use of portable power stations. In these conditions, the importance of power stations comes in handy. An example of such is travel camping where one goes on camping. Many of the gadgets taken along require power. This includes laptops, portable speakers and CPAP machines. Most function on power. So portable power stations have a wide array of use. And also quite a diverse number of people use portable power station.

Real-World Testing

Using this Easyfocus portable power station with different bands; the battery capacity made into better perspective. As you can see it shown below;

Easyfocus portable power station testing

We noticed Drone charges three times full and the Projector charges for 2.5 hours; I also observed that the Camera charges 15-20 times full, and the Mac book 12 charges 3.5 times full. 65watts Car refrigerator charges for 4-5h and Ipad charge seven times full. In the real world testing, we observed that iPhones 8 charges 20 times fully, and we also observed that 12v/5w led charges for 35-40 hours.


Features of Easyfocus portable power station

#1 Compatible with multiple devices

Easyfocus portable power station has the unique ability to be compatible with using multiple devices. With many ports, you can charge all your devices at once on the machine. This includes your tablets, iPhone, iPad, laptops, fans, TV, lights and CPAP machine. You don’t need to have a charging extension port. You can with ease, plug them and charge them on this power station. This can, with ease, work out without any signs of overload whatsoever. Every user enjoys this as one of the beauties of Easyfocus portable power station.

Compatible with multiple devices

#2 Multifunctional Safety Protection

This power station also has the unique feature of multi-functional safety protection. This helps to protect the generator. It also helps to protect the safety of the device being used with it. From the name, there are different levels at which this safety protection is done that make it multi-functional. It helps protects against short circuit, over-current, overpower low voltage, and over temperature. So any problem in current, voltage, temperature and power will be prevented. Thus, so as not to affect the generator and the device being used with it badly. This is a very needed feature which the Easyfocus portable power station possesses. And it makes it better than its counterparts. This, a thousand times and more

#3 Pure sine wave

The pure sine wave features are one of the essential functions of this machine. It gives it lots of edges ahead of its counterparts in the power station industry. There are many merits of pure sine wave property of the machine as against modified sine wave. Batteries that work with the pure sine wave provide a smooth power which has almost the same features as the pure AC currents that we receive from the power stations. And they design most products to work on this. That is the sheer AC power from power stations.

Pure sine wave

Also, electronics that work on the pure sine wave use less power and are free of any distortions. Therefore, this makes them well efficient with the use of less power as compared to a modified sine wave. Other merits of pure sine wave include maintenance of current and voltage at the safe level. This prevents crashes and keeps our sensitive appliances safe. Appliances that run on pure sine wave power stations are noiseless due to the absence of distortions. You barely hear them working. And a pure sine wave is excellent to use.

#4 Big Capacity

The Easy Focus generator has a 500W power which can charge larger devices. This, compared to other portable power station products. It has an inverter function and a battery capacity of 288WH. Also, you can use it in urgent situations because of its UPS function that provides critical power to loads when input power sources fail. Not only this, other features of this portable power station include 120V AC outlets, four USB ports and four 12V DC ports. This portable generator has all these features and more. This only proves the significant capacity of the portable power station. And it will always be of help

4.Design and Weight.

Easyfocus portable power station has a user-friendly superior design with a convenient weight and great design. The design is compact with lightweight, which is very easy to carry around due to its handle and its lightweight of 7.05pounds.

5.You Can Trust it

Easyfocus portable power station has everything to earn your trust. Also, the level of dedications put into their product is a piece of strong evidence to this. E.g. to enhance the safety and stability of the product, the research and development team worked for 13 years to build a battery management system, consumer safety and security in the first place. Also, the portable power station is powered by a lithium-ion powered cell. This is used in the same category as Tesla. It has a lower heat, a longer cycle life, and is more portable, clean and friendly to the environs than lead-acid batteries and small oil-burning generators on the market. Therefore, you can trust Easyfocus portable power station. And they will always earn your trust.


The above review of Easyfocus portable power station gives an excellent detail into the power station. I talked about who uses the machine, the battery life span and run time when used with different machines, gadgets of different models in real-world testing. The unique features of this battery include compatibility with many devices, multi-functional safety protection, and pure sine wave. I also discussed the weight and battery capacity of the power station. I ended the review by saying Easyfocus portable power station is a power station you can trust to purchase from and you will never be disappointed. And I sure a trial will convince you!. Try it, and you will never regret it.

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