Looking For The Best Generator for Food Truck [Quietest& Lightweight& Portable]

Today we are going to be reviewing the best generator for a food truck that you can buy mostly online. If you have no idea what to look for in a generator or maybe you are just a beginner which have absolutely no experience in making a decision in buying just the perfect generator to fit your needs then you may want to keep reading as we will be discussing a lot about the generator for food stall in this review.

Food Truck Generator Cost

A Generator for Food Truck
A Generator for Food Truck

The prices of the generators are usually depended on the type of brands of the generator that you would like to buy, the amount of power that can be supplied by the generator, the quality of the generator, the operating duration of the generator, the duration of the warranty offered, the quality of the engine as well as the type of fuel of the generator whether it be diesel, propane, gasoline or natural gas.

Usually, the prices for the generators that have a high starting and running time would be much higher compared to the generators that have a lower starting and running time. This is because the generators that have a higher starting and running time would usually have a high engine quality which would make the burning of the fuel to be more efficient which consequently reduces the amount of fuel needed for a smooth power supply. Apart from that, the price of a particular generator is also affected by the brand of the generator.

Some brands tend to offer their generator at a lower price for higher quality because the company has the money to manufacture their generators in China in return for lower manufacturing costs. Companies like this tend to have a set of strict rules for the manufacturer in China to follow for quality control so keep in mind that just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that it has low quality. It’s highly recommended for you to do a little bit of research about the companies before you begin to put your trust in a certain companies’ brand.

There are a couple of things that you may want to keep in mind before you proceed with your purchase. Firstly, you may want to know the electrical appliances that you will be powering. This step is important as you will need to know the exact amount of power that you need so make sure you have this number memorized.

Next, you also need to know the total of the typical simultaneous power that you need to use for one day. By total up all the power that you need for one day, you will be able to choose the right generator which can supply sufficient power for all of your appliances so you will be able to buy the generator which can fulfill your power needs.

Best Generator for Food Truck
Best Generator for Food Truck

12000 Watt Generator for Food Truck: DuroMax XP12000EH

DuroMax XP12000EH 12000 Watt Generator for Food Truck

This 12000-watt generator for a food truck is best to be used for food trucks due to its powerful 500 cc engine which can supply power to as high as 12,000 watts. Apart from that, it also has a running power of 9500 watts which is perfect to light up all the necessary electrical appliances that you may have in the food truck such as refrigerator as well as the lights.

Next, this generator is also perfect for a food truck because it uses propane as its fuel which means that this generator has a longer shelf life because propane can be stored for such a long time. On top of that, the generator also has a cleaner fuel burning which will not harm the internal engine of the generator so that it can be used for a longer period.

The best thing that is interesting about this 12000 watt generator is its fuel flexibility. You may also use gasoline if you don’t have propane which made it easier for people to find the fuel for this generator. The operating cost of the generator is also low because propane is less expensive compared to other types of fuel that are available currently.

The generator also has a wheel which increases the portability of the generator and makes it easier for anyone to move it around with a minimum amount of effort and it’s perfect for food truckers to use since they need a highly portable generator that can supply a high amount of power.


Generator for Food Stall: Honda Eu7000is Inverter Generator

Honda Eu7000is Inverter Generator for Food Stall

The Honda Eu7000is is another perfect generator for a food stall. This is because this generator has an electronic fuel injection which makes the generator to be more fuel-efficient. On top of that, the capacity of this generators can be misunderstood by many as the capacity of this generator is rated just the same as other regular generators however you may need to keep in mind that ratings are combinations of government regulations as well as the capability of the generator. For generators that are larger than 5500 watts, OSHA may need GFCI protection.

Hence, although this generator is rated to have the same capability as other generators to supply power, the truth remains that this generator outperforms other generators that are available out there in terms of supplying a smooth and clean supply of power.

Moving on to the next point, this generator has two nice wheels which make it easier for people to move it around and hence increases the mobility of the generator so that anyone could move the generator effortlessly.

Besides that, the generator also has an electric start which makes it easier for anyone to start the engine of the generator and the best part about this generator is that apart from having an electric start, it also has a pull cord backup which can be pulled to start the engine just in case the electric start of the generator is not functioning. Lastly, this generator can be resale just in case you want to sell it and you may get much of your $500 back in the value of the resale.


Quietest Generator for Food Truck: WEN 56125i

WEN 56125i Quietest Generator for Food Truck

If you are looking for the quietest generator for food truck then I would recommend you buy the WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Portable Generator. One of the reasons why this generator is the generator that produce the lowest amount of noise is because it has been verified by the US Department of Health and Human Services to be operating at an extremely low level of noise which is comparable to the sound of a regular human conversation.

The EPA III and CARB compliant 60 cc engine can supply a steady power of 1250 surge watts and 1000 rated watts. This generator is perfect for powering up all your electrical appliances in your food truck as it can supply a high amount of power at a steady rate.

Besides that, this generator can also be used during a power outage, construction sites, as well as for your outdoor camping activities. Moving on to the next point, this generator can also supply clean power so that you may be able to operate your electrical appliances safely to prevent any kind of damages to your sensitive electronic devices such as your smartphones, televisions, laptops, as well as tablets.

On top of that, these generators also come with two three-prong 120V receptacles as well as two 5V USB ports which you can use to charge your power bank or your smartphones. The eco mode of the generator also allows the generator to be able to operate quietly and at the same time increase the fuel efficiency of the generator which can be helpful so that you may be able to get power for a longer period when the generator is operating in this mode.


Portable Generator for Food Truck: Yamaha EF2200iS

Yamaha EF2200iS Inverter Portable Generator for Food Truck

A good portable generator for RV should have a high power output and the best portable generator for a food truck is the Yamaha EF2200iS Portable Generator. This generator has a powerful 79 cc engine which can provide a high steady supply of power.

Besides that, the generator also has a new Yamaha Quiet Technology which allows the generator to operate silently. The generator is outfitted with Yamaha complex muffler to ensure that the generator operates at a low noise level.

Besides that, this generator also has a standard RV outlet so that you don’t have to find for the right adapter anymore and it also has a DC outlet which grants you the freedom to charge and use your electronic devices.

Apart from that, this generator also has an illuminated multi-function LED display so that you will be able to take a look at the status of the generator instantly regardless of what time it is whether it be during the day or night.

This, in turn, gives the user the convenience to check the status of the generator so if there’s anything that you may want to know about the generator, you can easily take a look at the LED display.

Moving on to the next point, the generator also has a smart dial knob which is very simple and easy to be set up as well as a smart throttle which is an automatic load sensing which adjusts the power according to the needs of the device that you want to power up.


Food Truck Power Inverter: GIANDEL 2200W

GIANDEL 2200W Food Truck Power Inverter

The best food truck power inverter that is currently available is the Giandel 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC with 20A Solar Charge Control. This Giandel Pure Sine Wave Inverter can provide a 100% full continuous 2200W pure sine wave power as well as 4400W peak power and it is more powerful compared to other 2000W inverters.

It also has an LED display that you can use and you may be able to see it clearly during the day and night. Apart from that, this inverter also comes with full safety protections to prevent issues such as over-voltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit and overheating.

Why do you need a power inverter for food truck?

To make it easy for you to understand, a power inverter is a type of electrical device that converts a direct current power to an alternating current power. The majority of the electrical appliances that we always use today daily such as coffee makers, toasters, washing machines, refrigerators, and lights run on a single-phase AC power that is supplied by a power socket that can usually be found on the wall.

An inverter when it is connected to 12 V batteries can convert the direct current from the batteries to an alternating current power which is a proper current power for running typical electrical appliances. Inverters with a direct current outlet may also be used to charge your smartphones or laptops chargers. This becomes very helpful when the conventional sources of alternating current power are not accessible.


Food Truck Generator Box

You need to have a food truck generator box because you will need to reduce the amount of noise that your generator produces so that you will be able to live comfortably with the generator running somewhere near outside of your house.

A generator box also functions to protect your generator from any external factors such as getting your generator steal by a thief or your generator malfunction due to the fuel that is in the generator are frozen that have the potential to damage your precious generator and hence it is highly recommended for you to have a generator box for your generator.

How to choose a generator box?

It all depends on whether you have a large space or not. For example, if you want to choose a food truck generator box then it’s highly recommended for you to buy a built-in compartment box since you may have some space in your food truck to place your generator box.

This is because a built-in compartment generator box would need a fixed space and some fresh air to be drawn into the generator box and since you are going to put it in your food truck, then it is perfect for you to choose a built-in compartment box as your food truck generator box.



In a nutshell, it’s highly recommended for you to do a little bit of research about what types of generators that you need so that you will be able to determine which types of generator that best fits you for your food truck. It’s also best to keep in mind that a generator that could supply you with a higher amount of power and have a high-quality engine doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and just because it’s cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a low-quality engine.

Apart from that, putting some investment such as buying a food truck generator box would also help you to protect your generator from any external factors that could damage the generator and it also functions to reduce the amount of noise that will be produced around your house so it’s worth the money spent on it. I hope that you gain a lot of beneficial information from my review and I hope that you won’t have a hard time choosing the best generator for food truck that fits you best.

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