Audew Portable Power Station Review: A short review of the best product

Audew Portable Power Station Review

We have finally put together a detailed Audew portable power station review for you. Audew is well-know for its jumpstarter portable power lineup but the Audew 200W portable power station is entirely a portable power station for powering devices, and won’t be coming with any jumper cables. Nonetheless, Audew being one of our best portable power station brands, we expected nothing short of topnotch performance with the Audew 200W.

And as we expected, there was plenty to love about the Audew 200W including the lightweight design that makes it highly portable and the built-in battery management system that guarantees safety. Of course, we had a few minor complaints but overall we were more than satisfied.

Audew Portable Power Station
Audew Portable Power Station
  • Capacity: 500Wh/156000mAh
  • Size: 11.5 x 7.1 x 6.4 in
  • weights: only 14LB
  • Output: – AC: 110V,max 250W
  • Input: – AC: 110-240V
  • 12-month warranty & 180 days replacement & 90 days refund

Audew Portable Power Station Features

 1. Multiple power outlets:  The Audew 200W comes with a cluster of 5 power outlets: one 110 volts AC outlet, two 12 volts DC outlets and 2 USB ports. You can, therefore, charge an array of devices including smartphones, laptops, cameras, drones, fans and more. The upper limit is 200 watts with AC though, so ensure that the devices you charge do not exceed 200 watts, otherwise, the built-in battery management system will shut off the AC output and switch to DC.

 2. Battery Management System (BMS):  The Audew 200W has a built-in battery management system to keep the built-in lithium-ion battery within safe operating limits at all times. The BMS prevents overtemperature, under temperature, overcurrent, overvoltage, and other unfavorable conditions.

 3. 200-watt capacity:  With its 200-watt power capacity, the Audew 200W will conveniently power most of your important devices including LED lights, laptops, smartphones, car fridge, CPAP, drones, etc. If you choose to charge one device at a time, you can charge a smartphone more than 20 times, a laptop up to 5 times and a minifridge up to 5 hours.

 4. Pure sine wave output:  The Audew 200W supplies devices with pure sine wave current thanks to the built-in smart energy control system (SEC). That means your devices get clean power just like the one from your AC wall outlet. Pure sine wave output which is safer than modified sine wave output, runs devices such as CPAP, fans and car fridges, safely and efficiently.

 5. Unlimited portability:  If you are looking for a lightweight power station to take with you when traveling, the Audew 200W is light enough to carry wherever you go. It weighs just 7.12 lbs which shouldn’t be a problem to carry by hand or in a backpack. Additionally, the compact (13.8 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches) construction takes up very little space in a backpack or in a car leaving plenty of room for other essentials.



Real-World Testing

Audew 200W comes with all the features you would expect in a quality portable power station. It’s highly portable at just 7.12 lbs. It’s super compact measuring 13.8 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches. And it comes with five power outlets that power up to 5 devices simultaneously. On top of that, 5 LED lights indicate the battery level though an LCD display would have looked more modern.

To find the highest wattage device we could power with the Audew 200W, we tested an array of devices we would consider high wattage for the Audew 200W capacity. So we left out the lower wattage devices such as smartphones, tablets and LED lights which the Audew 200W will easily charge multiple times. We first tried a 60-watt outdoor fan, which the Audew 200W ran very well. Then we tested an 85-watt 49-inch LED TV and again the Audew 200W powered it seamlessly. So we thought, we might as well try a higher wattage device. We plugged in a 200-watt paper shredder and we were able to shred a few papers. But when we plugged in a 270-watt projector the Audew 200W couldn’t turn it on. Yes, the Audew 200W won’t power anything above 200 watts, and if you try to plug in any device above that the BMS will shut it off.

Audew Portable Power Station Testing
Audew Portable Power Station Testing

We were curious about how long the Audew 200W could power some everyday devices before it ran out of power, so we connected it to a 50-watt car fridge and let it run for as long as it could. When it completely run out of power, just over 4 hours had passed. Next, we wanted to know how helpful it could be in the great outdoors, so we recharged it to capacity then connected it to a 60-watt outdoor fan — it powered the fan for just over three hours before all the power was drained. Finally, we tried to charge a couple of laptops from different brands and the Audew 200W charged four of them to capacity before it went dead.

Most portable power stations take quite some time to charge, and that’s why we were keen to find out just how long we had to wait for the Audew 200W to charge to capacity with AC, DC and solar. We tested this over a couple of days, each time we would drain all the power by powering some of our high wattage devices, before recharging it. We realized that the recharge time with AC and DC is almost the same, with the Audew 200W taking 8 hours to charge fully with the two options. But with the compatible 30-watt solar panel we used, the Audew 200W took over 11 hours to charge — it will probably take less than that if you invest in a 50-watt or 100-watt solar panel.


Who is the Audew 200W Portable Power Station for?

Unexpected power outages at home can very frustrating especially if you are not well-prepared for them. But if you have a reliable emergency power supply like the Audew 200W with you, you will have less to worry about. While you will not power every device and appliance in your house with the Audew 200W, you will conveniently power all the most important devices like your smartphone, laptop and CPAP device.

Should you want a reliable power supply to bring along when going camping, the Audew 200W has got you covered. Its 200-watt capacity will suffice to power your outdoor lights, smartphones, laptops, cameras, etc, and bring a little of the comfort of home to your campsite. The best part is it’s remarkably lightweight at just 7.12 lbs so it will be easy to carry around as you look for the perfect camping spot. If you are planning to go camping for a couple of days, you may want to bring a compatible solar panel to charge the Audew 200W so that the power lasts as long as possible.

Audew Portable Power Station Application
Audew Portable Power Station Application

If you are a CPAP user, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is having a reliable emergency power supply for your CPAP device. It’s the only way you can continue to enjoy restful night sleep even when there is a blackout. The Audew 200W has the capacity to power your CPAP device for 3 nights — just make sure you turn off the humidifier and the heated tubing so that the power lasts as long as possible. The use of the Audew 200W doesn’t have to be limited to your home alone, though, it’s lightweight enough (just 7.12 lbs) to bring along when you go camping.

Even when your career keeps you on your feet and away from the grid frequently, you can use the Audew 200W to power your important devices on the go. If you are in construction, paramedicine, geoscience, etc, the Audew 200W will power your smartphone, laptop, LED lights and camera so that you can focus on your profession without losing your digital life.

You may also want a reliable power supply for your devices when attending tailgate parties. You will certainly want to access the internet, keep up with other games or stay entertained with your favorite songs before the game starts, and all these fun activities will undoubtedly take a great deal of power from your devices. With the Audew 200W, you can conveniently power your smartphone, laptop, LED TV, audio system, etc, ensuring there is never a dull moment throughout the party. Besides it is compact (13.8 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches) and will take little space in your car leaving plenty of room for your other tailgate supplies.


Why the Audew 200W Portable Power Station is Good for CPAP?

If you are a CPAP user, then you need a portable power station with enough power capacity to use for CPAP through an unexpected power outage or a few days of off-grid camping. The Audew 200W will power your CPAP for up to 3 nights on DC with the heated tubing and dehumidifier turned off.

Portable Power Station for CPAP
Portable Power Station for CPAP

And with its lightweight design (just 7.12 lbs) and compact construction (just 13.8 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches), the Audew 200W is highly portable and you should easily bring it along when traveling out of town. You will have reliable power for your CPAP no matter where life takes you.

The smart energy control system (SEC) built into the Audew 200W is meant to protect sensitive devices and that includes CPAP devices. Using the smart energy control, the Audew 200W supplies pure sine wave current that will run your CPAP safely and efficiently.

Should the Audew 200W run out of power, you can charge it with an AC wall outlet at home, the DC cigarette outlet in your car and a compatible solar panel if necessary. With these multiple changing options, it’s easy to always have ready power for your CPAP device no matter where you may be.

In addition, the BMS built into the Audew 200W ensures that it operates within safe limits at all times. It controls overvoltage, overtemperature, overcharge, over-discharge, etc, and that makes the Audew 200W safe to use with a CPAP device.


Why You Can Trust the Audew 200W Portable Power Station

 1. Optimal safety:  The fact that the Audew 200W comes with a built-in battery management system means that you will never have problems with overvoltage, overtemperature, over-discharge, overcharge, overcurrent, etc. On top of that, the Audew 200W supplies vulnerable devices with pure sine wave current which is safe and efficient.

 2. Our unbiased real-life testing:  We took the time to do a real-life test on the Audew 200W based on our 100% unbiased criteria. We liked its 200-watt capacity that powers most essential devices, decent runtime on devices and multiple power outlets that power up to five devices simultaneously.
3. 30-day money-back guarantee: Audew backs the Audew 200W with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the Audew 200W isn’t what you are looking for, you have the option of sending it back for a refund within 30 days.

 4. Positive customer reviews:  Plenty of positive customer reviews are always the hallmark of great products. We found many positive customer reviews of the Audew 200W on top shopping sites.


Is the Audew 200W the Best Portable Power Station for You?

The Audew portable power station 200W has almost every feature we would expect in a quality power station. Looking for topnotch safety? The Audew 200W has a built-in battery management system. Looking for unlimited portability? Audew 200W weighs just 7.12 lbs. Or maybe you are looking for high capacity? Audew 200W supplies 200 watts which should be enough to power your most important devices.

Sure, we could have preferred the more modern LCD battery level indicator — like the one on the Jackery Explorer 240 — in place of the LED light indicator. We could also have preferred more power outlets — the Suaoki 150Wh had 10 outlets despite having a lower capacity. But all things considered, the Audew 200W lives up to the excellent quality and functionality we have come to expect from Audew: it’s powerful, safe and sturdy.

Is it the best portable power station for your needs? Maybe, but that mainly depends on what your particular need is. If you are looking to power high wattage appliances or even your entire house during power outages, then the Audew 200W isn’t for you. But if you want safe and reliable emergency power supply for your most important devices like your smartphone, your laptop, and your CPAP device, our hands-on Audew portable power station review has clearly shown that it could be extremely useful.

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