Find The Perfect 50 Amp RV Generator in 3 Steps

50 amp solar generator for RV solusion

I’m sure you want to know about the 50 amp RV generators because I have been getting many questions about this topic on my blog.

For example, someone asked me,

“Can you tell me what’s 50 amp solar generator is for?”

“Which solar generator has a 50 amp plug output, and can I use a 30 amp solar generator instead?”

“I have a 50 amp plug that I can connect to my RV panel and want to hook up with a solar generator? Because I want to use a 1000W or high generator. Is that a good idea?”

So, in this blog, I will answer all of these questions and tell you everything I know about the 50 amp RV generator.

Let’s get started!

What size of generator should you choose for a 50 amp RV?

A generator for a 50 amp RV provides 12,000 watts. However, you do not necessarily need 12,000 watts all the time.

This is why the best way to find out the perfect generator size for RV is to manually calculate the number of watts you need.

It sounds too complex, but the process is simple.

Follow these three steps to find out the best generator size for your 50 amp RV.

  1. How much power does your 50 amp RV use daily?
  2. How long does your 50 amp RV use power?
  3. Use the correct solar generator size formula = (Electricals Wattage x Hours Per Day x Safety ratio 120%) ÷ conversion rate 90%

The main electrical wattage needed for a 50 amp RV is following:

RV air conditioner2000 watts
RV refrigerator600 watts
Electric stove2000 watts
Microwave oven1500 watts
Coffee maker600 watts
Hairdryer1500 watts
Laptop200 watts
TV200 watts
Total Wattage Requirement 8600 watts

Consider you need to run all of these appliances for 8 hours every day.

Let’s put the values in our formula and see the 50 amp RV generator size.

Solar Generator Size = (8600 x 8 x 120%) ÷ 90% = 9.1 KWH

In conclusion, a 9.1 KWH generator is big enough to run a 50 amp RV. Furthermore, you will not be using all of these appliances simultaneously, so you can even use them for more than 8 hours.

Example Calculation #1

In daily life, we do not use all of the appliances for the same amount of time in everyday life. So, if you want to get the exact size of the solar generator for your 50 amp RV, you can calculate it as follows:

ApplianceWattage /hourHour used /dayWattage usage /day
RV air conditioner2000 watts5 hours10,000
RV refrigerator600 watts24 hours14,400
Electric stove2000 watts1 hour2,000
Microwave oven1500 watts1 hour1,500
Coffee maker600 watts15 minutes (0.4 hours)240 watts
Hairdryer1500 watts15 minutes (0.4 hours)600 watts
Laptop200 watts2 hours400 watts
TV200 watts3 hours600 watts
Total Wattage Requirement 8600 watts29,740 watts

Note: As this value (29,740 watts) is the daily wattage usage, we need to add hours to the equation. The new formula would be:

Solar generator size = (Electricals Wattage x Safety ratio 120%) ÷ conversion rate 90%

Let’s use this result to find the best generator for 50 amp RV.

Solar Generator Size = (29,740 x 120%) ÷ 90% = 4 KWH

In conclusion, if your 50 amp RV daily wattage usage is 29,670 watts then the perfect solar generator is 4 kWh.

Why is there no 50 amp solar generator for RV on the market?

50 amp RVs are not rare. However, solar generators for 50 amp RVs are complicated to find. But why?

The higher the power and wattage, the more costly the solar generator. Big size solar generators are also relatively more challenging to manufacture than portable generators. Lastly, bigger generators do not sell as much as a portable ones.

Due to the above three main reasons, most manufacturers do not manufacture 50 amp generators.

The wattage output of a 50 amp service is:

50A x 2 x 120V = 12,000 watts.

As you might already know, a 50 amp service contains two hot wires. You can then double the wattage to get a maximum rating of 12,000 wattages.

The biggest solar generator in the market is EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W. So, you can achieve the same thing with this solar generator.

A Simple Solution: 50 amp solar generator for RV

The easiest and most effective way to get a 50 amp solar generator for your RV is simple. Connect two different solar generators to get the wattage output that you need.

Following are the two products that you need to achieve this result.

  • 1 x WEN 50-Amp 6000-Watt Parallel Connection Kit
  • 2 x solar generators
WEN 50-Amp 6000-Watt Parallel Connection Kit

How does it work?

Did you already have a parallel connection kit and two solar generators but don’t know how to connect them? Follow these steps carefully, and by the end of this guide, your solar generators will be parallel connected.

50 amp solar generator for RV solusion
  1. Ensure both solar generators are fully charged and turned off.
  2. Unscrew the nuts on the solar generator. This terminal allows a parallel connection between two solar generators.
  3. Hook up the ground (yellow wire) with the terminals on both generators.
  4. Now plug in the ports, red to red and black to black.
  5. Now hook up the connection on your parallel kit.

Congratulations, your solar generators are parallel connected. Now you can connect it to your 50 amp RV.

EcoFlow Delta 3.6Wh with Expandable Battery – Best 50 amp RV solar generator

Technically, you can use any solar generators that are big enough. However, I recommend the EF EcoFlow Delta 3.6kWh-25kWh generator.

Ecoflow Delta Pro
Ecoflow Delta Pro


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As the name suggests, this solar generator is expandable. For an extra price, you can get more batteries with connector cables. Just connect the solar generator with the extra battery, and your work is done.

The following are a few more reasons why I highly recommend the EcoFlow Delta solar generator:

  • Due to its battery capacity, the EcoFlow Delta generator can use for emergency power for 2 to 13 days.
  • This solar generator contains a 3600Wh to 7400Wh inverter. This size of inverters can support up to 99.99% of electrical appliances.
  • Even though the battery capacity of this solar is huge, it still offers fast charging. Most EcoFlow Delta solar generators can charge 100% within 1.5 hours.
  • This solar generator features multiple output ports. Hence, you can use it to run up to 11 devices simultaneously.
  • Fortunately, this solar generator also features all-terrain wheels, making traveling with the EcoFlow Delta solar generator easier.
  • It is the quietest 50 amp generator for RV. The generator makes low to no noise.
  • Lastly, the built-in fan prevents the solar generators from heating up.

Can I connect two wen generators with different wattage?

Yes, you can connect two wen generators with different wattage together. But you should always ask an electrician for proper instructions.

Readers often ask me this question. No, I don’t think there is an issue connecting two portable generators with different wattages.

I have two Ryobi 2300 watts and two Honda e2000i generators. And I tested it on these generators, they worked fine.

Why should you not use a 50 amp inverter generator?

In this article, I have only talked about solar generators when inverter generators exist. So, what’s the reason behind it?

I prefer solar generators over inverter generators for a few reasons:

1. Not Environmental-Friendly

As you might already know, solar generators work on sunlight. They convert photons into electricity which you can use to run your electrical appliances.

However, the story is entirely different with inverter generators. Unlike solar generators, inverter generators run on petrol and diesel. And as a by-product of this process, the inverter generators produce toxic gases.

In other words, it is not environmentally friendly. And if you have kids, pets, older adults, or patients around, it can also harm their health.

2. Noisy Operation

The motor in the inverter generator is very loud. If you place that generator in your garage, you might not notice the noise as much. But if you have a smaller house, the noise can be a huge problem.

3. Not Travel-Friendly

Most of the time, people look into generators because they want to get access to electricity in their RV or camping. However, with an inverter generator, that is not possible.

First of all, the inverter generators are usually big and bulky, hence challenging to carry around. Secondly, as they run on petrol and diesel, finding the fuel can be challenging to find in some places.

Champion 50 amp generator – Best 50 amp RV inverter generator

Even though I am not a fan of the inverter generators for 50 amp RV, some people might like it. And if you are one of those people, then you should try the Champion 50 amp generator for the following reasons:

Champion 50 amp generator

The champion 50 amp is ultra-powerful and offers high wattage output. With a full tank, the Champion 50 amp RV generator can give up to 12,000 watts for 9 hours. 

Due to the electric start, the Champion 50 amp generator is easy to start. Furthermore, it also features a cold strat which helps activate the generator in cold weather without any difficulty.

Low-quality inverter generators can often damage your appliances. But with the built-in surge protector, Champion 50 amp keeps your electrical appliances safe and sound.

This generator might not be as intelligent as the EcoFlow Delta solar generator. But with the Intelligauge, a smart gauge, you can check the voltage in one glance.

Here are the things that I did not like about the Champion 50 amp inverter.

It runs on gas overall costs more than a solar generator. Secondly, the Champion 50 amp is also quite loud, just like any other inverter generator.


  • High wattage output
  • Easy to start function
  • keep your appliances safe
  • Easy to check the output voltage


  • Expensive to run
  • Noisy
  • Not travel-friendly

What would happen if I use a 30 amp generator on a 50 amp RV?

If you connect a 30 amp generator to your 50 amp RV, you would not be able to use all of your appliances simultaneously.

30 amp generators offer 3600 wattages. Meanwhile, a 50 amp generator offers 12000 wattage output. So, the amount of wattage would be lower than a 50 amp generator, and you would be able to run limited appliances.


Let’s summarise what we just learned,The best way to find out the 50 amp RV generator is by calculating the daily wattage requirement of your RV. You can use a WEN 50-Amp 6000-Watt Parallel Connection Kit to connect two solar generators and get higher wattage for your RV. EF EcoFlow Delta 3.6kWh-25kWh generator can turn into a 50 amp portable generator.

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